Friday, October 25, 2013

Eastern Europe at a glance

Have you ever explored the area west Europe, but still harbored a desire to solve the curiosity of the European continent?

If so, make Eastern Europe as the next destination. Expanse of nature in every country that should be a major treat immortalized for wandering.

First activities to do is down Munich, Germany to visit the House of Peter's Chruch, shopping centers Theatre Straat, and enjoy modern art in the form of auto in BMW Welt Museum. Grandeur of the Olympic Stadium will also be pleasing appetizer for your trip.

Further exploration is Prague, the Czech capital. Stories of history and culture through the City of Regensburg and stored landmark Charles Bridge, the oldest bridge in Prague and famous. In addition, there Hradcany Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral which is now used as a residence Czech head of state.

Honggaria was no less exotic, especially with Budapaest infrastructure located on the hill. The rover can also visit and cross the beautiful Danube River while enjoying the splendor of Parliament House.
Contrary to Austria, visit the Hofburg which was the winter palace of the emperor of Austria. The palace is now delivering a lot of interesting stories in the past. Vienna State Opera The country had become an icon of stage and equipment with comprehensive in the world.

Venturing into Eastern Europe would not be enough time for a while and is not complete without visiting Salzburg is a place famous for being the filming location of the famous sound of music worldwide. In the meantime, you can get an unforgettable experience when heading to town Chur, Brid, and Interlaken with glacier express while enjoying the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps. With the speed of the train is very slow and is specifically designed with an open roof of the glass, you will feel the sensation of traveling romantic flirting with nature and the surrounding environment.

In closing exploration agenda, Geneva is a good option. The town is surrounded by alpine and Jura Mountains has sights The Flower Clock which symbolizes the contribution of Swiss watches in the industry.

All this will be your personal experience that will never be forgotten. Therefore, do not miss the amazing holiday to Eastern Europe with your dreams in the experience of getting lost in a maze of interesting destinations and impressive in Eastern Europe, although only briefly.

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