Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mes de la Patria

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Every ahead of September, Mexico should be seen from the top of the bird perspective. The city would like a similar change the state flag. red, white, and green enliven the city to the remote. No need to wonder, September is the time to Mes de la Patria. 'Moon for the homeland', so less means.

The actual celebration is associated with the Mexican independence after colonized by Spain. Usually the excitement felt on 15 and 16 September. Beginning on September 16, 1810. Miguel Hidalgo rang the bells in the church as a marker to invite residents gather. Once assembled, they celebrate the independence of the country around the city as he yelled, 'Viva Mexico!'.

That was the beginning festivities in Mexico. So precisely what happened this year. People took to the streets, not to protest, but they entertain each other instead. Age is not an issue; youth, teens, young, and elderly crammed the roadside.

Some people wear traditional uniforms or other costumes that look so different. Some were lined up behind him while playing a music instrument. Some of them danced as they had trained for a long time. Most beautiful. No doubt, people filled the back row again to get around the city. Yes, the whole city to contribute.

The road turned into a lightning-fast vehicle that can not be missed. In fact, if you can not leave the house, melodious sound waves into the spaces in it. All voluntary celebrate Mexican independence.

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