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Original text by Putu Fajar Arcana; executive summary by darmansjah

In a milestone, the north Arsenae, a girl was sitting. A phone in his hand. He could not stop staring at dinghy sailing toward the shipyard. Perhaps there is a part of his soul that also swept away in the torrential flow of the canal. I do not know ...

I tried looking for the most romantic angle to capture the event. She remained engrossed bask in the warmth of the summer sun. Not far away, a pair of teenagers sitting side by side on the banks of the canal while looking at distant sky Venice, Italy, late last May 2013. There was no conversation. Just the girl smiled when she realized someone was perpetuating itself. There are moored, such as rolls of rope vaporetto (water bus) is thrown into the harbor edge. Palpitation like that every time the wind flow to slit the small canals that separate the old buildings in this town.

VENICE is like a teenage girl who is always, spoiled, and without a strutting dandy was always charming. Since along the Canal Grande from Pizzale Rome, a small port in the western city center of Venice, has been more clearly etched in my heart that the city offers a unique and captivating experience.

Building walls along the canal looked left "conversation" as a close with small waves ever climbed. Sometimes it water taxi, which sent shock waves speeding then smash the walls of the city. No one is complaining. Peeling left wall until you see a red brick as meat. This combined with a view of the city in the summer sky brightness, which is then perpetuated by street artists. We can take it as a souvenir with pocket money reached 50-75 euro. Quite expensive for the size of the rupiah. However, memories of much deeper than just a matter of currencies instead?

Every day from the city Maestre, in the western part of Venice, I had to take 30 minutes to arrive at Pizzale Rome, the nearest port, separately and then headed Arsenale, where a world event is underway. At the counter, we can choose to buy ticket lasts 12 to 72 hours at a price of 18-35 euros. I chose a duration of 24 hours to buy tickets for 20 euros.

Duration calculation is important to note because if it passes the time tickets can no longer be used to hitchhike vaporreto. This is the most friendly transport water and used a lot of tourists who visit Venice. Compare the price of water taxi, with the same Pizzale Rome until the Arsenale, the meter could reach 100-150 euro. It's dangerous if you run out of pocket money in a far country.

Arsenale complex form of 45 hectares of the former shipyard, in the eastern part of Venice, Italy. Since the end of May to 24 November 2013, this location became the world's attention. A warehouse complex built in 1104 which is expected to be an important event 55th Venice Biennale. Venice Biennale none other events biennial art exhibitions in the world's oldest, which involves hundreds of artists from around the world. This year Indonesia sent envoys officially five artists to show search perkembangna aesthetics in our country. At least that's the first time the government dare to rent a space of 500 square meters worth over 2 billion dollars for the period of three months of usage.

High walls

Arsenale on a typical day was more of the former shipyard obsolete. Her walls are exceeding 5 meters already chipped in here and there. However, the government allowed this to be ktoa Venice city attraction.
That exfoliate as scraping the wall-scraping along the wall time. He is like a stamp of history that exposed centuries ago.

Every two years, in which the then Venice Biennale repeatedly held, dozens of valuable space in them is very high. Dozens of countries, if you want to exhibit with any motivation, must be equal to the rent for the Indonesian government paid. That way the Venetians put a price on what they've got.

Before reaching the Arsenale, if we sail from Rome Pizzale, may go down in San Marco. This is the city center where there is a sort of "square", called the Piazza San Marco, which is then surrounded by shops. On one side there are Basilica di San Marco, a beautiful cathedral and a solid standing since 832. If you want to enjoy the architecture and classical paintings on display in it, must be patient in line. From morning to evening, at the end of May 2013, travelers line like never subsided. No need to pay, willingness Just asked not to bring bags into the building.
I do not know. My mind remains on a milestone in the northern part of the old Arsenale shipyard complex. May not find it as quickly as any girl I walked over there. Day has gradually dusk although the sky was still light I do not know. My mind remains on a milestone in the northern part of the old Arsenale shipyard complex. May not find it as quickly as any girl I walked over there. Day has gradually dusk although the sky was still light. However, the rest of the clouds in some corners can instantly fall as rain. I have to go back to Maestre. Let him live in the memories and the warmth of the weather Venice.

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