Saturday, January 28, 2012

When Roamer Becoming Full Meaning

Not Just a story, a journey can provide experience and a new view of life around even the meaning of life itself. Go to the orderly and neat city like Singapore, Melbourne and Tokyo, for example, it is possible to form an awareness of how to behave, behave to create a liveable city of surplus and make sense of life.

By learning and explore the destination, the trip will also open a wider horizon of knowledge. To cite an example, if the opportunity came to Dubai, the Arabian Peninsula, it is fitting if this place a thumbs-up. Visitors can learn that just so you know how to pack, where anything can be conditioned into tourist magnet.

Dubai City is the capital of United Arab Emirates, one of seven emirates in the UAE does have natural resources are an advanced form of oil reserves one pedestal. However, with the realization that oil reserves will be exhausted, predicted in 2016, the Dubai government tried to transform his city as a world financial center and tourism in order to remain able to suck foreign exchange.


Intent is of course not separated from the fact that Dubai is now so strategic position as a hub for business interests that make a lot of people coming. Planes from Asia to Europe that will be transiting in Dubai because after eight hours of flying, the aircraft must refuel again. Similarly, on the contrary, passengers from Europe are going to Asia, Africa, or the Peninsula Araba, many are choosing transit in Dubai to enjoy the city that never sleeps this.

The seriousness of Dubai can also be seen from several ambitious projects like the Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel, grandest, and most expensive in the world, Burj Kalifa which is the tallest building in the world with a height of 828 meters,
defeat Taipei 101 building, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Too ambitious? Not really. As the city is touted as the playground of the rich, it is natural that Dubai has made everything very prestigious, including Ski Dubai, which here people can actually play the snow, although Ski Dubai located in the desert.

From Dubai, the hub for the aviation world, the trip can be continue to some other city like to Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands is famous known as city canals and windmills.

Travel in Amsterdam would have been interesting because not only can see a new culture, but also can see the pages of history by the former manor house built in 18-19 century converted into banks, consulates, and so forth.


Not Just Dubai, in the Country Sunrise there are also many places that will make visitors impressed by its history. Nagoya, the city that has always relied on the industry office equipment maker, ceramics, textiles, chemicals, and became the center of automobile production.

During the trip in this city, the industry is mainly due to the more advanced research and development, which then progress has been labeled with the terms of The Nagoya Boom. If curious as to what the present Nagoya, travel there becomes much easier because some airlines have opened routes into major cities of the world that would open the opportunity for anyone to come and enjoy all the charms that were there.

Calling the prima donna in Asia, would not be complete without looking away to Hong Kong. First cultured as one of Asia's shopping paradise, thanks to the presence of Hong Kong Disneyland, on Lantau Island, Hong Kong became the main destination vacation with the family. Not regardless of age or sex, Disneyland was able flaoting off each person into the world of imagination and the dream world of fun.

In addition to Disneyland, Lantau Island also has the Tian Tan Buddha Statue, the world's largest bronze statue is made of 202 pieces of bronze, weighing 250 tons and 34 meters high.

Seated with graceful on top of 268 stairs, statue gracefully toward the face of Nong Ping Village and Ngong Ping Plateau is cool. However, adventurous pleasure not only in Lantau Island. Each area in Hong Kong, which consists of the Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, and The New Territories, has always had its own charm waiting to explore.

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