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For London Olympic

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Precisely in the month of July, the UK will be busy with one of the mat Olympic gallery in the world. For the third time after 1908 and 1948, London returned to host the Olympics. After last year's residents busy with the wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton, the Londoners this year for a month will have a party to welcome the world's top athletes and preparing to become a record-breaking new range which has become the tradition of the Olympics.

A visit to London in the summer of this year will bring you into the middle of the sports carnival festivities. Although not in the Beijing Olympics euphoria which is reportedly the world's most expensive Olympics, this time London and colleagues in mainland Europe is facing economic crisis held the Games in an atmosphere that is not less exciting. Broadly speaking, the location of all races (except football, spread across six cities and a few other sports) are in five areas of the city of London is
Wembley, Wimbledon, Central Zone, Olympic Park and the River Zone. Of the five areas, the Central Zone is an area that has the most games venue. Some of these include Earl Court, Lord's Cricket Ground, Hyde Park and Horse Guards Palace and the North Greenwich Arena, Greenwich Park, and The Royal Artillery Barracks.

 Buckingham Palace, where Queen Elizabeth II stayed during his stay in london

While watching the game of volleyball or swimming race your visit to the
Central Zone will grow full to enjoy the beauty of various London landmarks that exist in this region. Starting from pictures taken with a wax statue of the late Princess Diana to admire the 2300 collection of paintings by masters of the world throughout the ages, this area will increase your knowledge as well as admiration for all things related to English. Here are the top ten attractions that you must visit during their stay in the Central Zone, London.

British Museum

Built in 1753, this museum is one of the largest collections in the world with millions of objects. Many collection is the result of the discovery of the adventurers who undertook an expedition across the world. In addition to the collection of the Assyrians (Assyrian), Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman, you can also see the Rosetta Stone, an ancient Egyptian inscription in three languages, namely Greek,Egypt hieroglyphic, and Demotic; as well as the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, which is still invite controversy.

Buckingham Palace
By Queen Victoria as the first occupant. Buckhingham Palace to date kerp used for ceremonies and official events of the royal family, as well as receiving and entertaining guests of the State. The State Rooms, The Royal Mews and The Queen's Gallery is open to the public in the summer. Another attraction that you can see the change of palace guard (Foot Guards) on page Buckhingham Palace. Official time is at 11.30, but came to the accompaniment of music panjaga at 11:15. Arrive early and do not forget to check the schedule at or

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is often mistakenly regarded as London Bridge, which is 800 meters away from this bridge. Consists of two twin towers with a height of 65 meters, the center of the bridge can open the lid to support the water traffic on the River Thames, which is still used as a means of transportation. While we were in the process of renovation in 2008, the bridge was the site of one shooting the movie Sherlock Holmes.

Madame Tussauds
The world's first wax museum showcases sculptures of famous par of various ages. You can take pictures with your idol statues is almost similar as the original, from singers, Hollywood stars, sports stars, to the leaders of the world leaders.

Piccadilly Circus

The word 'circus' is taken from the Latin word for circle. Piccadilly Circus is a circular open area at the intersection of roads that connect Regent Street with Piccadilly Street. Its location close to shopping and entertainment venues make Piccadilly Circus crowded day and night. Do not miss the panoramic
view of Shaftesbury fountain and statue of Anteros, the god of love traitor executioners in Greek mythology.

National Gallery

Built in 1824, the museum is located in Trafalgar Square has a surplus from the 2300 collection of paintings from the mid-13th century until the 19th century, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh.

Trafalgar Square

Main square in the city of London is reminding the public of the victory of Lord Nelson Horation angaktan against Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar sea in 1805. On the south side, you can see Nelson's Column is surrounded by four colossal lions and a series of fountains. Coming to the Olympics this year, installed a digital clock in Trafalgar Square that counts down until the Olympic opening ceremony March 14, 2012. This clock had experiencing technical mistake of not less than 24 hours after its inauguration on March 14, 2011, and immediately repaired.

Palace of Westminster - Big Ben
Palace of Westminster is a landmark that is not only presented the city of London, but also the UK as a whole. Also known as the Houses of Parliament, to be located north of the River Thames with the neo-gothic style building. At the north end of the palace there is the Great Bell Tower clock or commonly referred to as Big Ben. The name Big Ben actually not refer on his watch tower, but the big bell that chimes every hour.

 houses of parliament, big ben, bridge and river thames wesminster, four icon london town

Westminster Abbey
The first church built in England by Norman style is located west of the Palace of Westminster. Many kings are crowned in the church and many were buried there. The church is also a venue for royal ceremonies, including The Royal Wedding last year.

Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum.
The third museum is adjacent to the Exhibition Road, South Kensington. If the Natural History Museum has a diverse collection of animals, plants, and minerals in the world, including dinosaur skeletons are spectacular, the Science Museum has over
300 thousand items of objects of science and technology as Babagge's Machine (computer manual first in the world), Stephenson's Rocket, Puffing Billy (the oldest steam locomotive), and the first jet engine. As a museum of decorative arts and design in the world, Victoria & Albert Museum has a collection of more than four million items, ranging from fortografi collection, furniture, textiles, to rare books from around the world, both modern and ancient.

London Eye
Ferris wheel located on the banks of the river Thames is the largest in Europe and is very popular in the UK. London Eye is the best place to see and enjoy the sights of London. If you are lucky, from the highest point you can see Windsor Castle which is about 40 miles when the weather was sunny.

Tate Modern
Tate Modern has the largest collection of modern art in Europe with 4.7 million visitors per year. This gallery was once the Bankside Power Station building (Bankside Power Plant), located south of the River Thames. You can see many wonderful works of modern artists of the world such as Monet, Rothko, Matisse, Picasso, and others.

Olympic torch

The traditions of the Olympic torch will be lit in Greece before brought to the UK. The torch is scheduled to arrive on May 18, 2012 at Land's End area, South West England to then start a 70 day trip. This torch route will go through various places in the country, including hundreds of prominent attractions, before finally arriving in London and spent the night at the Tower of London. After that, the torch will continue its journey in London,down River Thames, and ends at Olympic Park for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The total mileage is 8,000 miles (about 12 800 kilometers) with a total of 8,000 people carrying the torch.

Olympic Park

Olympic Park is the new sports complex in London which is still in the process of completion. The plan is the name of this sports complex will be changed to Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park. Located in Stratford, a venue that is here, among others, Olympic Stadium (Olympic Stadium) athletics. Aqcuatics Centere (water sports), Basketball Arena (basketball and handball), Circuit BMX (bicycle), Copper Box (handball and fencing), London Velopark (cycling), Riverbank Area (hockey), and Water Polo Arena (Water Polo). Opening ceremony scheduled to be held at the Olympic Stadium on July 27, 2012. In addition to several venues, the Olympic Park also has the Olympic village (Athletes Village), home to Olympic athletes. One icon is mired in controversy is Arcelor Mittal Orbit, a tower of iron art work of Anish Kapoor is predicted to be a competitor of the Eiffel tower in Paris.

St Paul's Cathedral
Located in central London, this church has many historic stories, from the coronation of British rulers, the funeral of Lord Nelson and Winston Churchill, the Mass for peace to mark the end of World War I and II, to the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Until now, the church is still used for worship.

Tower of London
Built in 1078, nearly a thousand-year-old building located in central London, on the northern bank of the River Thames and Tower Bridge was seven of these is one of the historical center of the United Kingdom. Tower of London was once the fortress, royal palace, and also a prison for inmates with high status or royal prisoners and is now a place where the Crown Jewels or the British Crown Jewels. Until now 36 guards on a daily basis Tudor-style uniforms, called Beefeaters still faithfully keeping the Tower of London.

Shakespeare's Globe
This building is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan theater with a storied wooden building and the center is open. The original Globe Theatre was built in 1599, but burned in 1613, was rebuilt the following year, and finally demolished in 1644. Theater which is now based on the design of the Globe Theatre was founded in 1614 with a larger stage. Located in Southwark, south bank of the River Thames, the theater was founded by a famous actor and director Sam Wanamaker American origin and is dedicated to exploring the works of Shakespeare.

Diamond Jubilee
Ascended the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II this year even 60 years has become the Queen of Great Britain. Have been served by 12 Prime Minister, from Winston Churchill to Davic Cameron, Queen which annually receives no less than 50.000 guests will celebrate the day of his coronation with a variety of exciting events, ranging from the Epson Derby horse races, The Big Lunch Jubille, to concerts BBC held at Buckingham Palace which was held on 3 to 5 June 2012, and did not miss with the accompaniment of hundreds of boats sailing the River Thames

Where To Stay
Get ready to spend more because some hotels add the cost of 'Olympic Supplement' in July and August 2012.

YHA London St Pauls - Only 100 meters from St Paul's Cathedral, this hostel is the starting location from which to explore London. With so many public transportation, internet access and lockers, making it practical and attractive location both for individuals and families. No self-catering facilities, but you can enjoy a meal at a restaurant. 36 Carter Lane London EC4V 5ab T. +44,845,371 9012 F. +44 20 7236 7681

Stamford Street Apartment Rooms - Located close to Waterloo Station, the southern bank of the River Thames, and many other famous attractions. You can find the London Eye and the London Sea Life Aquarium near this place. If hungry, you can along the Thames and found a number of bars and restaurants nearby. 127 Stamford Street Southwark London SE 1 9NQ. T. +44 20 7848 4664 F. +44 20 7848 4667 E.


London Bridge Hotel - four star boutique hotel is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the center of London. Located in the Borough of Southwark, this hotel offers a unique, balanced blend between traditional comfort and the latest facilities. The hotel is located opposite the London Bridge that connects Soutwark to the city on the north side of the river. 8-18 London Bridge Street, London SEI 9Sg T. +44 20 7855 2200 F. +44 20 7855 2233 and

St. Gilses Hotel, Central London
- Situated in Bloomsbury is famous as one of Europe's largest independent hotel, hotel 1menit away just walk away from Tottenham Court Underground Station. Hotel guests can walk to Oxford Street, British Museum, China Town, Theatreland, Covent Garden and Leicester Square - which is a favorite destination of tourists in London. Bdford Avenue, 3GH T. +44 20 7300 3000 F. + 44 20 7300 3001

How To Explore
Using the bus is the best way to enjoy the scenery around. Almost in every corner of the city of London you can find a bus stop along with the route. And also can use the subway is commonly called tube or a DLR (Docklands Light Railway) and National Rail. To London rail route map, and can get for free at the station or through To pay, you can use a Travelcard for 1.3 or 7 consecutive days with a combination of the various zones. If you intend to get around in Central London, choose a card for Zones 1 and 2. You do not need to buy All-Zone pass unless you are intending to travel to many places in a matter of days. Travelcard is more suitable for those of you who only live 1-2 days in London. If you stay longer, use the Oyster Card, you can use the card for bus and rail services in London. You can buy them through the station ticket window or through the internet. This card can be recharged using device top-ups are available at the station. Subscription system will be cheaper than if you have to recharge cards each day. Because it is carefully calculated to suit your needs.

Olympics tickets.
The number of applicants London 2012 Olympic tickets is much higher than the number of tickets available. When the first Olympic ticket sales end on April 2011, the number of devotees reached 22 million with only 6.6 million tickets available. Earlier this year, the Olympic committee has opened Olympic ticket sales site, but only for people who want to resell their tickets. Ticket sales returns allows people who have purchased tickets prior to the date of February 3, 2012. Other people who want to buy tickets that are returned must wait until April. You can continue to check the official website for the London Olympics,, to search for Olympic ticket information. Until the beginning of February 2012, football became the only Olympic sport in 2012 that the tickets have not sold out and ticket sales are still serving. Another way to get tickets is through Thomas Cook (, which provides tickets as well as accommodation and transportation facilities.

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