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Your trip | Middle East

Executive summary by darmansjah

Enjoy the uniqueness of the Middle East
Talk about the uniqueness of the Middle East, a lot of things to come. Middle East is a region full of magic, myth, and history of Islam is so strong and make it viable as a tourist destination.

Dubai, is one of the interesting cities in the Middle East is worth a visit. Dubai is one or cities in United Arab Emirates (UAE) are known. Dubai was transformed into a super modern city business that has a strong influence throughout the world due to many important offices in the world, based here.

This is one factor that triggers the city to move forward and build advanced buildings and modern. Building the Burj Al Arab is the iconic Dubai building. The building is actually a 7 star hotel the only one in the world. Burj Al-Arab was designed by Tom Wright, reaching a height of 321 meters and is the tallest building is fully used as a hotel. The building stands on an artificial island located 280 meters offshore in the Persian Gulf.

Turkey, in addition to Dubai, Turkey was worthy of inclusion in the list of tourist destinations you must. Turkey is one of uniqueness lies in two continents, Asia and Europe. In this country, anyone can be in two continents in 10 minutes as it passes through the Straits of Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul.

Istanbul, one of the largest and most important city in Turkey known as Constantinople or Byzantium. Interesting attractions is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. This 1500-year-old buildings stand was once a dive churches and mosques. However, since becoming a museum in 1935, religious practices, both Christians and Muslims are forbidden to be done in the complex Haga Sophia, until the year 2011 by former prime minister of Turkey, thirst Sophia museum has been restored to the facility for Muslims to worship him. And non-Muslim women are prohibited from step on foot in the mosque.

Sultan Mehmet Mosque, better known by the name of the blue mosque with minarets towering 8 was interesting to visit. Enjoy the uniqueness Travel Agency along with the money you certainly earned your work, trade, and work; illicit money is used for the proceeds of corruption are prohibited from traveling to enjoy traveling. While you can not hurt you even enjoy the Bosphorus cruise and visit the palace topakapi.

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