Friday, June 22, 2012

Magical Makassar

 A stunningly picturesque city, Makassar offer something for every visitor

Executive summary by darmansjah

A harbor city steeped in history, visitors can expect to experience Makassar’s glorious past and brilliant present from the moment they step into the city.

The heart of Makassar has changed dramatically since the Portuguese settled there 500 years ago, yet the city’s rich cultural heritage is still reflected in its art and architecture.  Makassar is home to several prominent Indonesian landmarks including the 16th-century Fort Roterdam,  historical artifact that represents the greatness of the pas Gowa Kingdom, the old tombs and graveyards of the great kings of the past; and the Al Markas Al Islami, the most luxurious mosque in South Sulawesi. Walking down the city streets you’ll see plenty of shops with great collections of traditional Makassar handicrafts, jewellery, and souvenirs, including colourful songket and silk materials.

The magic of Makassar doesn’t just end in the city. Enjoy the sights of brightly coloured flowers and fluttering butterflies at the Bantimurung waterfalls, located about 40 kilometres away.  Stroll along the waterfront of the Losari beach to catch a spectacular sunset and a romantic view of the city lights across the bay.

A trip to Makassar would not be complete without experiencing the taste of local food. Eateries in this harbor city tend to specialize in seafood, with ikan bakar being a perennial favourite. Aside from seafood, don’t miss out tucking into the classic Coto Makassar beef stes and the simple bakso meatball soup before washing it down with some refreshing Markisa (passion juice fruit).

Indonesia’s national carrier, Garuda Indonesia, has a daily service from Singapore to Makassar, the third domestic hub after Jakarta and Bali, and gateway to East Indonesia. From Makassar, passengers can also take advantage of Garuda Indonesia’s comprehensive network to make easy connections to other popular Indonesia destinations.

The flight operates daily from Changi Airport Terminal 3, departing at 13.55 and arriving in Makassar at 17.05 local time. The return service leaves Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport Makassar at 10.05 and arrives in Singapore at 12.55.

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