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Lijiang River

executive summary by darmansjah
Lijiang River originates from Cat mountain in Xing an County in the north of Guilin. It flows 437 kilometers down Guilin, Yangshou, Pingle and Wuzhou into the west River. Between Guilin and Yangshuo, Lijiang River travels 83 kilometers exactly like a jade ribbon winding among thousands of grotesque peaks. Along the river banks are the spectacular landscape and elegant hills, the towering peaks, the variegated cliffs and odd-shaped crags reflected in the mirror of its crystal-clear water and th wonderful deep pools, running springs and flying waterfalls everywhere. The reflections of the hills in clear and greenish water are like bright and beautiful pictures. “One hundred miles Lijiang River, one hundred miles art gallery,” a lot of excellent poems and literary works in modern or ancient appreciate her beauty. Han Yu, a great poet in Tang Dynasty, had written a popular poem to praise the beautiful scenery of Lijiang River.

The river winds like a blue silk ribbon

While the hills erect like green jade hairpins

This journey tracing Lijiang river begins as below

panoramic winter view from Fubo hill

Folded brocade hill

Elephant trunk hill

Pagoda hill

The charming hill

Yanshan town

Daxu anxient town

Caoping scenery

Mopan hill wharf is 23 kilometers away from the city. It’s altogether 360 meters long and it can handle up to 3 million tourist a year.

Zhujiang Wharf, this wharf is 23 kilometers away from the centre of Guiling city

Yearning for husband rock,  it is named because it looks like a woman carrying her baby and yearning for her husband’s return.

Beauty of Crown cave

Langshi Scenery, the inverted image of the rocks rises and falls with the tides

A child worships guanyin

Wriing-brush Peak

Yangdi Scenery

Apple hill

Xialong scenery

The painted hill of nine horses, painted cliff the massive cliff presents a magic chinese painting “nine horses”

Yellow cloth shoal, reflection of Yellow Beach Multicoloured veins of the cliff are mirrored on the water.

Xingping Town, the beautiful landscapes surrounding Xingping make this ancient town as fairyland

River snail hill

Pen holder hill

Five fingers hill make the night scenery of the river fascinating

Longtou hill

Baisha town

Yangshuo county

Fuli town

Page-boy hill

Aged banyan

Tour map of Guilin

The octagon village of ziyuan county

The no.1 prin of Guangxi-to drift down the Zi river

Bao ding waterfall

The no.1 spring of guangxi-ailing hot spring of longsbeng county

The tallest peak of south chine-car mountain

Quanzhou county

Xiang shan temple of quan zhou county

Sanjiang county

A marvelous natural phenomenon-longji terrace

Qinnshi tan landscape zone

Xing an county

The ancient canal of the world-lingqu canal

Huapin national nature reserve area

Lisnhjisnh international airport

Xiongsen bears and tigers mountain villa

Langchuan county

Jingjiang mausoleums in ming dynasty

Guanyang county

Ancient honorific arch of guanyang county

Former residence of li zongren

Ling ui county

Daxi town

Aged daxu town

Guilin botanical garden

Caoping town

The foggy villa

Dushing by bamboo pole yao nationality

Jianshan temple

Yangshou county

Gongcheng county

Fuchuan county

Moor hill

Pingle county

Confucian temple

Luzhai county

Lipu county

Luzhou city

Liujiang county

Fengyu cave

Silver cave

Aged banyan fores of pinle county

Guiling select seceni spots

The elepahant trunk hill park

Folded brocade hill

The seven star park

Fubo hill park

The red flute cave

Sword-testing stone

Water system in Guilin

Yuzi paradise

Baijiao mountain village

Guiling merryland

Dragon back terraced fields longsheng county

Lipu fengyu cave

Beauty of crown cave

Linqu canal


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