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Haute Cuisine Spanish Style

Executive summary by darmansjah

It is the dream of the world famous restauranteur and chef to earn the title of Michelin stars, a gastronomic guide which annually issue a list of the world's best restaurants and cafés. "Go to his list alone is an honor. Moreover, if we can gain a Michelin star! " said Lo Ostegaard, middle-aged women owners of the Royal Café, one of the leading restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark are included in the Michelin Guide, Traveler visited during early October. Although this year's Noma, typical Scandinavian restaurant with a modern twist in Copenhagen who get the title as best restaurant, but Spain was the one who dominates this prestigious list. Three of the world's ten best restaurants in Spain.

There are many reasons why Spain appeared dominant in this prestigious list. The country's geographical area directly adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar would make him rich supply of seafood. As one of the doors of trade, the State is to be crossing to and from the European traders. Spain also has a strong influence of the middle east, because in addition to its location adjacent to the Maghreb countries, as the territory was once ruled by the Moors during berates years. No wonder the Spanish cuisine is familiar with many spices such as saffron, curcuma, olive oil, and paprika powder which is almost always affixed at each meal. There are also garlic, wine, onion, vinegar and cloves to taste cuisine.

During a visit to the Moya restaurant located near the central business district Sudirman, Traveler met with the restaurant chef. He explained that the culinary Spain actually has some similarities with Indonesia. Chef explains that Spanish cuisine is also rich in herbs and spices such as paprika powder and saffron. "Some dishes are also influenced by Arab countries that are often used as a marinade curry," he said.

Although rice is very familiar in the tongue of the people of Spain, Chef karbonhidrat stressed that the main sources in Spain is the bread. Do not be surprised if people make Spanish rice as a side bread, as well as the Indonesian people eat rice with potatoes. Common type of bread which is Tortilla. For sources of protein, many Spanish people eat seafood in addition to pork or ham. Gastronomy in Spain also has a diversity according to region, culture, and climate. The majority of Spanish society withcook using the oven. Several others were burned and fried.

Spain has a unique culinary tradition that included in the daily routine. Spanish society generally takes Churoos for breakfast. For lunch, they have a tradition of three times the menu or Menu Del Dia, consisting of appetizer, main course and dessert. In the afternoon, they do so Tapeo at the time dinner usually just eat a salad or yogurt.

There are some who are quite familiar ears Matador culinary offerings from the country's call it Tapas, afternoon snack used to be friends drinking beer or wine. Spanish society who tend to eat at the bar than cooking it yourself at home often invite co-workers or family to Tapeo, which means 'do-tapas' while sipping wine or beer sapnish Mao's brand of country that became a trademark. The Spaniards usually eat and drink beer, followed by wine.

Seafood usually combined with white wine, while the mixed food including Tapas usually served with red wine, "added Chef. Tapas itself is divided into two, namely hot and cold Tapas. Tapas can be cold with mayonnaise or salad of smoked salmon as a complement. While the hot tapas can be either chicken wings or potatos bravas. In every bar in Spain, Tapas can be eaten as a buffet or a la carte. Now in Spain is booming Tapas restaurant that serves as the main menu.

Other traditional dishes are also no less famous is the Paella (rice seasoned with seafood as side dishes), as well as some dishes are made ​​from legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, and green beans. Spain has many traditional festivals often serve Tapas and Paella as typical snacks.

Almost every region has its own distinctive food. For example, Madrid is famous for its Cocido Madrileno or Madrid's Chickpea Stew consisting of beans, pork, morcilla, chorizo​​, and saffron. Granada with a dry climate is central to the production of the famous Serrano Ham. Meanwhile, Malaga is famous for its firtua malaguena, a series of small-sized fish that are served by frying.

Besides food, Spain is also famous for its citizens who are strong in alcohol drinking. Two types of the most consumed is beer and wine. In addition, there are drinks alcohol cider made ​​from apples. There are also some typical Spanish drinks are different in each season. In the summer many are sold orchata made ​​from beans with flavors such as soy bean milk. In this season too often there is Sangria, a mixture of wine, sugar, peach juice, orange, or pineapple. Bino Verano is a blended wine cooler with ice cubes. While in the winter, the Spaniards used to drink a local beer as body warmers.

This culinary riches spawned many creative talents that ultimately enrich the flavor and variety of typical Spanish food to be one of the world-class cuisine. Many people prefer the Spanish cuisine due to its unique flavor and presentation that continues to evolve from time to time. Still remember with Maria Santiago, the famous chef from Spain who died tragically at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore shortly after inaugurating new restaurant? He is famous as the first origin of Catalan chef, one of the regions in Spain who won three stars from the Michelin Guide in 1994. Still there are Carme Ruscalleda of Catalan, the only female chef who totally won five Michelin stars of the two restaurants located in Sant Pol del Mar, Barcelona and Tokyo. Chef who was elected to cook the wedding ceremony the Prince Philipe and Letizia Ortiz is famous for its seasonal foods combined with natural materials typical Catalan. If and really serious gastronomic connoisseurs, San Sebastian, a small town in northern Spain which is located near the border with France is a mandatory destination if you come to Spain. In the city of Bilbao close to this you can find three restaurants, each of which has three Michelin stars is Akellare, Arzak and Martin Berastagegui.

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