Monday, June 4, 2012

Your trip | Alaska

Executive summary by darmansjah

Enjoying the Alaska Natural Enchantment
is one of the state of USA is very broad. With many of the region covered with ice, Alaska has a wealth of fascinating natural. You can find 100 000 glaciers in the mountain valleys.

Located at the northern tip of the Americas, been to Alaska takes a long time. In order not boring, it is recommended to use a yacht trip.

Views of the sea is the main attraction along the way. In addition, the landscape of rock and glacier ice will keep you spellbound. The ship seemed to get into the tunnel made of mountain permafrost. When the ship docked to the port, you can feel the air around the remote nature of the pollution.

Once there, do the tour with dog sled. Traveled by train pulled by huskies will be an unforgettable experience. In addition you can see a closer view of the glacier.

Tourist destinations to be visited is Monument Cape Krusenstern National. Coastal plain which is located 10 miles northwest of Kotzebue is an archaeological site to the north pole. There are also five large lagoon-lakes and  smaller lake.

If foot step further toward the interior, you will find dry tundra-covered hills. Usually in the summer, wildflowers paint the mountains, beaches, and nearby hills.

Alaska is a state that is identical to the natural life full of adventure. This vacation experience you can find if lay over to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, where a vast, beautiful, and the remote is also known as the last great wilderness in America.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to a diverse wildlife. Among them, 36 species of fish, 36 land mammals, nine marine mammals, and more than 160 species of migrant birds. In addition, the park is an important  place to protect the polar bear species.

There are many places that can be explored while visiting Alaska. To get a nice vacation, use interesting journey with desire for you a burning desire to travel! Enjoy the natural charm of Alaska in her snow will start melting slowly with increasing geothermal in a row of every human breath on this earth. This is your last chance to watch, enjoy, feel the hospitality of nature before nature gives the worst things for mankind on this earth.

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