Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Milanese Experience

Executive summary by darmansjah

we've been to "El Brelin" some time ago, as born and raised Milanese, to experience the real tradition of our own town, and left greatly satisfied by the experience.

First the location: in the lively area of the "Navigli", it is set in a beautiful looking and charming old house, with an ancient gate welcoming you, at the entrance right in front of the rivers. We sat outside in the small outdoor patio, may be the tables are a bit too close but nothing problematic. Service is impeccable as you would expect, we were quickly attended to and food arrived fairly fast with a full house.

We just went for the real Milanese experience, opting for the "risotto alla milanese", made with saffron and ossobuco, meat with the bone; then more traditional plates with the "rustin' regaa'" , tender pan fried meat in a sauce (to try) and the classic "cotoletta alla milanese" , what is called schnitzel elsewhere, obviously better!
The chef is not scared to try creative plates as well, and am sure most dishes here are fantastic. Wine list is adeguate, bill coherent with the service and the food provided.

Highly recommended for the ultimate Milanese experience.

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