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Variety of China Tourist Attraction
Executive summary by Darmansjah
CHINA, as well known as a country with the largest population in the world and is known as the most successful communist country in the world, was also famous thanks to a wealth of tourist attractions that are packed in her showbiz. The diversity of types of tourism such as cultural, historic buildings, scenery until ready to carve a lasting impression for those of you who want to visit it.

BEIJING as one of the capital of the State which has reason to be visited. Here there is an ancient palace museum (formerly called the forbidden city) in which stood a large and ancient buildings intact and well maintained after the cultural revolution led by the regime of Mao Tse Thung.

Besides Museum, Beihai Park is not less interesting to enjoy. The park is open to the public in 1925 it is one of the most ancient royal parks and representative. In this city stood a building called the Tiananmen used as a venue for important ceremonies in the days of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Do not forget visit Great Wall of China, one of the buildings included in the wonders of the world's long list of mortal.

Another interesting town that should be addressed is SHANGHAI. The city is the largest metropolitan city in China that serve shopping centers, cafes, bars, sights wrapped up feudalism. Call it The Bund, a tourist who was standing inside the historic building European-style buildings, which is located opposite the middle of the dock along the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai.

Moving into HANGZHOU. Zheijiang provincial capital is known as the city's largest silk producer in China and has a history of more than 1000 years in the processing of tea. Sights are quite comfortable and attractive and worthy of your visit, and in this city there are several pagoda known as the Xihu, Lingyin Temple, Six Pagoda, Yellow Dragon Cave, as well as silk and tea production site.

Tourist attractions are also presented NANJING city, also known as the capital of Jiangsu. The old city is in addition to saving a lot of historical buildings in eastern China after Shanghai. In addition to showcasing historic cities, china also has Huangshan, a higland with the beauty of natural charm will remind you of the movie Forbidden Kingdom (if you are a movie buff of course), or the nature paintings of China listed in the list of fans of classical paintings picture.

Various tourist attractions you can enjoy before you does not move in a grueling physical pain and lying on the bed. So do not wait for another time, better now or not at all!

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