Monday, November 4, 2013


Charm Dream Destinations diversity; traveling to Europe is the most exciting trip because the places visited and seen the dream of most people.

Looking many countries with diverse cultures, languages, food, architecture, and rich history of being a long-awaited opportunity. One of the favorite destinations that travelers are often chosen four beautiful countries in Western Europe, namely France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany.

Paris, France is a city known throughout the world and has been named as the city of a million charm. The beauty will shine from objects iconic Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, and Arc de Triomphe, the victory gate was built on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte. Enjoy the sensation also walk in the Avenue de Champs Elysees neighborhood packed with shops and cafes where famous writers ever stop and sit at the shop and cafe.

No less riveting, Brussels, Belgium also offers a different view. Visit one of the UNESCO world cultural heritage, the Grand Palace. The square is surrounded by classical buildings. Scheduling also photo shop in front of the Manneken Piss, unique sculptures shaped little boy who was urinating.

Tourist trips around the Western European region is not yet complete. Pay a visit to the Netherlands to see the beauty of the canals that surround the city of Amsterdam and visit the famous diamond factory. Meanwhile, the fishing village of Volendam will demonstrate the life and atmosphere famous design for its beautiful and traditional clothes.

Final destination, the beauty of German would be an unforgettable cover agenda. Visiting Frankfurt which filled modern high rise buildings. Naturally, if the city got the nickname the most advanced area in Western Europe. Visit also in the town square to see the building houses a charming architectural, we recommend a short walk across the pavement very well maintained.

Complete your holiday moments with a selection of other interesting destinations around Europe. In addition to western europe, there are also other favorite travel destinations. Among these is the eastern part of Europe: Russia, Scandinavia, and Spain, the Baltics, the Balkans, and Iceland. This all gives meaning to your life, that life is indeed too short to be traced.

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