Friday, November 15, 2013

Wildest India

Executive summary by darmansjah

Travel through a lost world of rare creatures and magical landscapes

From the epic Himalayas, the tallest mountains in the world and the mountains range that separate the Indian subcontinent and the rest of Asia, to the mighty River Ganges, lifeblood of India ; from the vast and seemingly inhospitable Thar Desert to the lost worlds of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, india is an immense country with a topography so varied, exotic and incredibly beautiful. Together with Wildest India, embark on a journey through the country’s many treasures, exploring its secret locations and epic terrains, and the array of wildlife they support.

As much a travel documentary as it is a nature documentary, Wildest India brings viewers to iconic destinations in India while celebrating the country’s most spectacular wildlife. Find out why River Ganges is a lifeline to an array of wild animals, including India’s rare one-homed rhinoceros, as well as eight pr cent of the world’s population. Then travel into a lost world in the remote hills of north-east India, home to head hunting tribes, tiger-infested forests, unclimbed mountains and pristine rivers. Visit India’s Thar Desert and discover how this harsh environment supports both humans, and some of the toughest and rarest creatures on Earth

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