Sunday, November 3, 2013

Overview South Korea

Stretching virus Korean Pop (K-Pop) by the Gangnam Style dance is horrendous (and will soon be forgotten world) probably will not make most people satisfied know-South Korea.
The spread of popular culture done and instantly seemed to be able to invite the next question, what lies in the Korea-South? Yes, this country has the natural and cultural attractions that should not be neglected.

Trip travel to South Korea can be started from Jeju Island, the island's best known as the 'honeymoon island. Once there, you can visit the 'dragon head rock' and witness the spectacular performances 'Nanta show'. Next, visit the Seongsan Sunrise Peak is formed from volcanoes that erupted on the ocean floor at 100,000 years ago. There is also Seongup Folklore Village to see people's lives and homes are clad in traditional Korean modern wisdom, 'Teddy Bear Museum', Cheonjeyon Waterfall, Jusangjeolli Park, Mysterious Road (Ghost Road).

Famous as the country producing television drama series, the tourists can feel as if a player plays-South Korea with a stop at one of the shooting locations I've ever used. Like, Nami Island which is a set of Korean television drama that many viewers see. The next day, enjoy a trip to the Fortress Gwongemuseong using the cable car and Shinhengsa Temple which is a 7th century temple that holds the statue of 'grand bronze buddha'.

You want to take the children involved is traveling need not worry. Let them have fun at the Everland Theme Park which features a variety of exciting games. Do not want it to play? Pay a visit to Gyongbok Palace, National Folk Museum, Presidential Blue House, and the National Ginseng Outlet & Amethyst Showroom. Do not miss experimenting to make one of the favorite menu kimchi and wearing a traditional hanbok dress.

Finding the other hand-South Korea no longer difficult if you take advantage of the tourist sites in the website or the internet. And immediately consult the agenda of the upcoming holiday that feels increasingly unpleasant moment.

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