Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shopping Tour in Taiwan

In addition to technological advances, Taiwan famous thanks to the natural beauty and exciting shopping. Therefore, Taiwan could be one enthralling destination for shoppers.

Ximending, a shopping area is always crowded shopping can be a major target. Shopping venue that blends ancient and modern elements this is the first movie that was set in Taiwan. Ximending is known as 'Red Theater' located in the Wanhua district and is a pedestrian zone that was first built in Taipei. The place is even referred to as the Harajuku and Shibuya Taipei.

In addition to presenting a variety of fashion products, Ximending often used as a concert special events such as music concerts and the release of the album. Therefore, if a visit to Ximending, you can see street artists who are skill performance.

In addition to Ximending, Wufenpu Wholesale Market is worth a visit. Among the local people, Wufenpu is selling wholesale clothing. So, do not be surprised if you often find clothes in a large cardboard or plastic and stacked just in front of the stall. The models up to date and available in various sizes.

Furthermore, Taipei 101 which is familiar is also interesting location for shopping. World-class products are present in the building is charming architectural. Taipei 101 offers a shopping experience in the building which has a high ceiling so that visitors will not feel 'claustrophobic'.

The other is the Miramar shopping center. This place is known as the Ferris wheel that has a height of 100 meters as well as the pride and symbol of the shopping center.

If you want to find the latest fashion trends, you can come to the area Chungsao-Fuhsing, eastern Taiwan. There are a mix of many stores, department stores, and restaurants. This area is well-known shopping center in Taiwan. Street and around the coastal road provides hundreds of cafes, restaurants, and favorite shopping places young people.

Do not forget to Shinyi known as 'Taipei's manhattan'. Shopping places such as department stores, exclusive clothing boutiques, as well as the monument Sun Yat Sen, Taipei and discovery center become a magnet.

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