Wednesday, November 20, 2013

From the Grave to the Beach

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Prior to the streets abroad, it helps us explore first tour in the country. For example, if you've been to the tomb of the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno  or come to the
Balekembang beach?

Although born in Surabaya, Soekarno was buried in Blitar, precisely in the Village Bendogerit, District Sanan Wetan, Blitar, East Java. Tomb of Soekarno accompanied by her father's grave and R Soekeni Sosrodihardjo mother Ida Aju Nyoman Rai.

When entering the tomb, you will see a gate aung facing south. There is no main building called the Tomb of Bung Karno Dome. Well, cupola-shaped Tomb Bung Karno joglo, which is building an art form that has been known since Java first.

Tomb Bung Karno cupola is named Astono Mulyo. Then, on top of the grave laid a black marble stone reads: "Here was buried Bung Karno, Proclaimers of Independence and the first President of the Republic of Indonesia".


Meanwhile, Balekembangan Beach is one of the destinations that could be elected. Understandably, this beach is crowded enough, both domestic and foreign travelers. Located in District Bantur, south of Malang, this beach can be addressed through the district and sub-district Gondangiegi Bantur.

What are the privileges of Balekembangan Beach? One of them is of course the beauty of the coral reefs along the 2 kilometers wide and 200 meters towards the sea which stretches very beautiful.

In facilities, the beach is backed by a large parking area, camping ground, souvenir stalls, restaurants, office information, simple bungalows, swimming pools, earth scout camp, mosque and pavilion.

Moreover, not far from the coast, there are three beautiful islands. Namely the island Ismoyo, Anoman island, and the island Wisanggeni. Ismoyo right on the island, there is a magnificent temple called Pura Luhur Amertha Teak. Here, there is a bridge that connects the island with the beach Balekambang.

Interestingly, in the month of Suro (Javanese calendar), the beaches become more crowded than usual. Because regular here and held a ceremony Surohan Jalanida Puja ceremony. Well, if you want to know what kind of atmosphere Balakambangan Beach and Tomb of Soekarno, you can follow the virtual tour on the website

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