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Welcome to Toraja

Executive summary by Darmansjah

WELCOME and enjoy a myriad of natural and cultural charm Toraja. If you can talk, perhaps things that are spoken Rantepao, a small town in the district of North Toraja, South Sulawesi, to anyone who is visiting for the first time. Rantepao has long been known as the gateway Toraja region.

Beautiful and the air is cool, so Rantepao known. Always surrounded by rolling hills covered in mist peak, Rantepao is unique, which is always rain even in the dry season. The city passed Sa'dan River, a river that is the source of livelihood and farms in the surrounding region.

You definitely will not get bored spending time here. In Rantepao, every need of tourists both local and foreign full range available. Hotels, travel agents, homestay, until the money changers can be found here. Rantepao walk in as if to make you warm up before heading Toraja because here most of the buildings constructed by adopting the form of Toraja traditional house, which Tongkohan.

Rantepao is in a strategic location and close to several famous tourist destinations in Toraja. Ranteapo only about 4 kilometers from the village one of the most famous tourist destinations in Toraja, namely Kete Kesu. You can also visit Londa (the tomb of an ancient limestone cave) is seven kilometers away.

Other attractions that can be visited from Rantepao is Lama (old burial area for the ancestors maysarakat Toraja), City Makale (Tana Toraja), and Rantepao Kambira (there are 300-year-old Tarra tree and graveyard for dozens of infants aged 7 months) . There are also natural bathing Tilangga object which is only about 12 kilometers south of Rantepao.

During in Rantepao, try walking to the traditional market. Boisterous mingle into the market lower. Ranteapo market is around the market that there is only once every six days. There are two types of markets in the city, the market needs basic goods and livestock market. For animal market, its implementation is only at certain times and certain selling animals, such as buffalo, pigs, and dogs.

Five charm Toraja

Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi widely known among other things for his burial customs. However, if only a burial ceremony in Toraja are attractive? It turns out there are a number of things and other interesting locations that can be found in the district, located about 350 kilometers north of Makassar this.


Londa is the steep rocks that are in the typical tomb Tana Toraja. One is located on the heights of a hill with a cave inside. Here we can see the corpse crates are set according to the family line. While the other side is left open meadow overlooking the green expanse. Londa is located approximately 5 kilometers from Ranteapo.

Kete Kesu and Batutumonga

Ke'te Kesu village is a major tourist destination in Tana Toraja. The interesting thing in this village is from the architecture, the barns and buildings of the megalithic era around him. Behind this village, about 100 meters there is a cliff with the grave cemetery site dependent and tau-tau (dolls of wood or bamboo) in a given building fences.

Batutumonga, in this area, you can see and find about 56 stone menhirs in a loop with four trees in the middle. Most of this stone has a height of about two or three meters. Interestingly, from this area you can see and enjoy the beauty of Rantepao and surrounding valleys. Batutumonga located in the area Sensean with altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level.


Tongkonan Pallawa is one tongkonan or yan very interesting custom home that sits between the bamboo trees on a hilltop. Tongkonan is decorated with a number of buffalo horn that is attached at the front of the custom house. Pallawa located about 12 kilometers towards north of Rantepao.


This place is often referred to as the home of the spirits. Lemo cemetery can be seen from the air stored in the body's open, amid the steep rocks. That said, this cemetery is a blend of death, art, and ritual. At certain times, bodies will be replaced through the clothing ceremony Ma Nene

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