Saturday, November 2, 2013

West Coast, USA

Hawaii as one state of the United States is not a newcomer in the arena world tour.

VIEW beautiful, without exception sprawling beach to be one that is strong enough magnet. No wonder tourism sector is referred to as the largest revenue contributor to 'The Big Island', another name Hawaii.

You are about to make a trip to Hawaii to start your tour of the capital city, Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu. In Honolulu, you can enjoy the stunning Waikiki Beach. There, tourists can relax while feeling the cool coastal air. Water sports enthusiasts will feel the craving to be on the beach because they can swim, surf, or sail.

Indicated by the natural beauty of Diamond Head, a well-known landmark. Shaped like a cone and be part of a chain of volcanoes in Hawaii makes this place popular with tourists, especially outdoor activity enthusiasts. Many foreign tourists chose this place as a destination for hiking activities are challenging and exciting.

Continue along the west coast odyssey in America. You will find an interesting place, Halona Blowhole. This place is unique because there is water coming out of the sea when the waves hit the rocks slit. Natural phenomena more spectacular because it is located on top of the plateau that makes the tourists can enjoy the view of the blue sea and sand on the bottom towards justice.

After enjoying nature, treat yourself with a trip to Disneyland and California Adventure Park that be Anheim. This place is one of the recreational use within the park is always crowded with visitors, especially during the holidays. Myriad of exciting rides will add warmth among tourists.

Do not forget to visit the Universal Studios theme park where movie production and wide-screen television which famous around the world. You can also enjoy a number of interesting attractions with interesting themes.

Las Vegas is the next town, which I recommend not to visit because you are not a gambler but a tourist, but if you stopped briefly saw in the distance certainly does not make you feel guilty, do not you? Because Vegas has a number of outlets which providing premium goods provides a classy, ​​gambling and obscene performances that make people like crazy. I suggest you better visit and feel the sensation of the natural phenomena that are in the Grand Canyon.

There are many other interesting tourist attractions and amazing and will never be forgotten in the west coast of the united states, such as the National Park is located in the State of California. So just enjoy the myriad sights  which there with friends or other travelers from abroad.

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