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vacation in france

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali
When yesterday when they arrive at our vacation spot in the city of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, we were greeted by rain and snow buffeted by night, this morning we woke up with all-white scenery all around us. From the bedroom window, the scene that morning like a carpet of cotton to cover the entire mountain area. Farm land where we stay out of sight of green grass and the soil, all covered by snow!

Living in a country of four seasons of life may be spelled out in color. As each season changes, lifestyle changes also to the color presented by nature. Change can occur suddenly, like that time. When we arrived, we visited the area still looks colorful but the next day like spilled paint to white evenly.

As I always tell you, I live in southern France, warmer areas in the country of France. Then the snow was rarely come to our city. For example in winter, when the temperature is minus the area north and snowstorms, the city we can reach 19 ° C with the sun smiles warmly. Strange but true!

So every time I see snow, every time I delight. For me to see the occasional snow in winter is a fun thing, provided it is not every winter, I certainly would flee from the area!

When we got out of our room outside the house, I almost tergilincir, because the ladder full of snow and some ice, very slippery. Chambres d'hotes owners were waiting for us to have breakfast together, visible anxiety on their faces.

The first sentence out of their mouths is, "I hope you guys bring snow chains for tires specifically you ...!"

With great regret that we said, "Before we left we had thought to bring some reason, our forgetfulness".
"Oh la la .... then how can you come out today, see the snow was so thick and the streets are very slippery due to snow to ice!" they replied while shaking his head.

I was relaxed so that follow-up anxiety. But as usual, my husband Kang Dada alias David tried to calm me and try to think positive. He felt if if we are careful not to be problematic, especially if the car thinks refugee ice come to pave the way then there would be no problem.

"If the streets are too dangerous to walk today, it's gone just go back to the inn and make snowmen or snowball war," he said, grinning.

Really like my husband forecast, snow refugee car looks through the main streets. Which means snow-covered streets that had been released, but no means safe. Because the main problem is usually snow freezes into ice, slippery and dangerous. This has led to frequent accidents.

In the car before we left we see the weather so amused by his own nature. Not that anything before going on vacation, some of our acquaintances surprised because we chose to vacation in an area rich in natural scenery. Which is usually enjoyed in the summer not in winter!

Since the area that we chose in the season's weather is often bad, and if the weather is bad then the scene presented to us will not enjoy. But the basic nature of the two of us often odd, then the advice of friends not too much we ignore, and now we are so caught up snow, just like they suspected!

Now already, we've been here and will not regret. In fact, maybe our vacation both became two-fold more fun! (In the sense troublesome).

Champollion Figeac City
Like the original plan, the second day we will visit the city of Figeac. Medieval town with a rich cultural heritage. The town is located in the Lot region has a famous museum named Mussee Champollion. Museum of cultural history, especially regarding the birth of writing.

Of the five corners of the world, Jean-François Champollion without knowing the limit trying to discover who was born the first paper in the world with historical and cultural background. Men born in Figeac in 1790 this is the first that can interpret symbols or writings of the ancient Egyptians. His curiosity makes him a very broad search and explore many countries to uncover the history of ancient writings. Some of the objects and the discovery of ancient writings on display in this museum. Because she was the then French alphabet and can recognize as a tribute to him, he built a museum that bears his name.

Mussee Champollion

The museum is quite large and very beautiful. Two hours is the perfect time to uncover the whole contents of the buildings are decorated with ancient Egyptian writings. Small bit of advice, buy a keychain with the symbol of ancient writings in this museum, as a souvenir. Besides small and light but enough to give us memories.

Anything that can be visited in the town of Figeac is this? In addition to Champollion museum, medieval buildings are still standing strong and beautiful in this city should be targeted tourists. If it was not too chilly air, may feel more comfortable walking. Unfortunately little snow still down ... and my toes felt frozen. Though snowfall in this town but not too much cold air is not playing .... my ears until you feel ignorant and pain.

Actually our plan is to spend the night in this city with a romantic dinner. Once again, we were not too lucky. The day was December 24 and at night all the restaurants closed.

We surrounded Figeac city by our guide book that contains information on some of the restaurants are worth a visit. But until the restaurant without a recommendation from the guide book also says they close at night. In conclusion none of the restaurants are open at night. In France, it's Christmas Eve is a family Christmas dinner. So they chose to spend with the family Christmas dinner.

Tired legs also walked for hours in the cold. Finally, before leaving the city is also famous as a city of air transport, because this is where the first airplane propellers made ​​of wood, we stopped at a cafe to sip a warm drink and try some sweet cakes that we bought at the bakery.

Cafe is located in ancient buildings with stone walls, can cheer us both a little disappointed because he can not spend a romantic evening as planned. But the way our feet were arguably very satisfactory, the building's medieval old town always provides a wealth of eye sight and memory.

That night we returned to the town of Villefranche-de-Rouergue. Hoping at least in this town there was one restaurant open. Nil, same as any other city. Our new holiday this time of hunger and cold. Want to go back to where staying is not possible, because that night the owner does not serve dinner for a family event. "Horeeee ...!!!" Kang Dadang shouted suddenly, making my heart attack. "Look no lights flashing on Chinese writing, rich restaurant!" he said.

Sure enough, apparently the only restaurant open at night. Our congratulations ..! instead of nothing, other than a restaurant, all the supermarkets no one open, and we no longer have any inventory, a loaf of bread was not there! If you're hungry and our current situation such that, stir-fry vegetables also seemed to be ten times more delicious than usual. Dessert was banana fried Chinese style, was tasty and sweet chewy. man, in very limited circumstances does gratitude be doubled ....


On the third day of our holiday also fell on Christmas Day, that morning the dining room is full with other guests as we entered it. Apparently one big family rented three rooms at this inn. Habits both of us is when someone else is too close to our table, prefer to choose Indonesian in our conversation. Sometimes a few friends or family often complain that they do not understand or suspect we are gossiping about ...

Apparently, we draw attention to their conversation, and the atmosphere was a bit frozen because we did not know each other and there is a reluctance to liquid, starting from question one of the guests is, "Excuse me .. what language are you using? So beautiful hearing". Then breakfast with a variety of landlord-made fruit jam on toast is becoming increasingly prevalent in our conversations.

After breakfast and would like Christmas to the owner and guest accommodation, we prepare the bags for the tourist destinations in the day that came to the City Najac. Snow was still down and headed to the City Najac road taken very steep because it must pass through the winding valley and then uphill.

My husband who was confident look steep path selecting step aside and quit. Because during our trip was very slippery roads, and driving the streets are slick with snow should not put the brakes on because it can make the car skidded and spun, dangerous. Residents are accustomed to the climate of their regular snow tires specifically or by way of the tires fitted with a special chain. We do not have both.

Interval of five minutes, a car coming from the opposite direction. My husband gave the cue to ask if the car is stopped. After the car had stopped in a safe place, my husband asked about the road toward Najac, if possible with a car without special tires.

Apparently the driver was also not use special tires, the car is very small and even older than our cars. With a giggle the riders who turned out to city dwellers Najac stated, "Take it easy, the streets are too dangerous not really. The car is so sturdy you sure there's no problem".

Then continue our journey, but apparently there was no problem for the riders was a problem for us. I got to hold your breath for a car running, I see my husband like gripping the wheel. Understandably, we're really not familiar with road conditions like this.

Once the road starts to climb and the road starts to look a bit cleaner than snow, I could only sit back in the car seat. And our eyes were immediately collided with a panorama magnifique ...! A large castle towering on a hill. The fortress is very famous in the medieval city.

Upon entering the town, an officer was watering the streets with a salt that is useful to melt the frozen snow. Our car was no longer able to continue the journey because the road is more slippery, even when trying to park our cars had derailed, lucky not to hit anything.

This is called funny holiday. When I came out of the car, gubrak! I fell! The pain was not playing my ass. Apparently the road is really slippery. Special shoes that we wear is not too helpful, especially this I have a problem in the balance, not slick it is often much less slippery slipping like this ...!

Towards fortress Najac must walk about 1 km. The roads go up and down. I walk by holding my husband's shoulder. Many times I cried because of slipping. Between upset, scared and also funny. When my husband fell slipped, so he carried me so upset that there are multiple. But if you remember it now so I amused myself, surely that time we became a spectacle locals, as hobbled and fell.

A kilometers which we usually take only about 10 minutes to be like an endless journey. The cold air feels no longer, I sweat the stress! The road in snow is not too difficult even soft like shaved ice, but walking on the frozen snow like walking on ice, slippery!
A grandfather from the opposite direction we are asking for help because he could no longer advance to the shoe. He asked to buy bread at the bakery. Kang Dadang who has actually been running trouble for refusing a request can not bear the grandfather. So I waited for my husband with ​​grandfather in the middle of the road still fear slipping. My advice, if you want to vacation in this area, avoid coming in the winter like we did. Miserable on the road. He-he ...

The grandfather was thrilled to bread has been obtained and we continued on.

Najac fort closed in december! Written notice board. Either upset or disappointed that make us laugh until tears myself. Looming tension over the car and walk to the falls several times, for the sake of the castle! Fate, it seems we do have to go back. But the fort Najac built in 1253 by Aphonso de Poitiers this, we can see from the outside. Not why not enter our guman time. Because of the fort which was originally a royal castle and turned into a fortress in time of war, is a masterpiece.

From the top of the hill panorama of natural beauty which was like a white cotton studded makes us sigh. Najac wonder if the city was selected as one of the most beautiful cities in France .... natural beauty is indeed a priceless gift that often make the emotion of the human heart.winter

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