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Enchantment Sulawesi

Lore Lindu,  Exotic At Heart Sulawesi
By Reny Sri Ayu, executive sumamry by Darmansjah

Combined with lakes, valleys, mountains, and wilderness in the heart of the island of Sulawesi, Lore Lindu National Park (LLNP) become endemic wildlife habitat for dozens of species of Sulawesi. Need guts and stamina to mingle with the animals. However, it is comparable with a view guaranteed.

The National Park is located in the district of Sigi, Central Sulawesi, about 60 km south of Palu City. Begin your visit with a drink in the panoramic lake LLNP earthquake. The lake is located in the district this earthquake can be likened to a spirit for LLNP ecosystems, including local residents.

Location of Lake Lindu almost in the middle of a vast LLNP more than 200 acres. The lake formed by tectonic processes is similar to a bowl which is located about 1,000 m above sea level. With an area of ​​approximately 3,600 acres and depths over 200 meters, Lindu become the second largest lake and deepest in Central Sulawesi after Lake Poso in Poso district.

The beauty of Lake Lindu not just at sunrise and the cluster of mountains that seemed to frame the lake, but also in the surrounding forest. There are at least eight mountain "frame" earthquake lake, namely Nokilalaki, Adale, Kona'a, Tumaru, Gimba, Jala, Rindi, and Toningkolue. Generally, these mountains covered with dense forests of tropical forest, lower montane forests and other forests with different ecosystems.

From this dense jungle disgorge and flowing creeks that empty into Lake Lindu. The rivers are Tokorano, Katibpli, Tinel, Lambsa, ma's, Salusuo, Sagali, Vantorongo, Bose, Kati, Ovo, kolovo, Masame, Tosake, chat, Kalambio, and Lempendengi. Water from Lake Lindu then flows through a number of large and small rivers in the district of Sigi, to "hammer river" that divides the "city of the hammer" before it empties into the Gulf of Palu.

Endemic Wildlife

This is where the habitat for some species endemic. Various records mention, at least 117 species of mammals, 88 species buurng, 29 species of reptiles and 19 species of amphibians in the forest.

Creatures in this area generally is endemic Sulawesi, including tonkean monkeys (Macaca tonkeana), pig (Babyrousa celebensis), tangkasi (Tarsius pumilus diannae and T), couscous (Ailurops ursinus furvus and Strigocuscus celbensis callenfesi), birds maleo (Macrocephalon maleo), frog sulawesi (Rattus celebensis), kangkareng sulawesi (Penelopides exarhatus), gold snake (Elaphe erythrura), and freshwater ika (xenopoecilus sarasinorum) which can only be found in Lake Lindu.

Been to Lindu did not just enjoy the lake with the morning sun from behind the mountain, boating down the lake, eating fresh fish catch of fishermen, or enjoying the natural life in the surrounding villages. Moreover, Lindu can be enjoyed by exploring the forest while joking with the animals.

Because of its location within the park, do not expect to get into four-wheel drive Lindu with a smooth road. This area can only be explored on two-wheelers. Can bring their own vehicle or if you do not want to hire a hard-living motorcycle.

The trip to Lindu starting from Palu, by using public transport fare Idr 25,000. four wheel drive vehicles only up to the Village Sadaunta, Kulawi district, neighboring districts Lindu, and then use a bicyle or motorcyle.

Village Sadaunta indeed be the only access that can be taken closest to the Lindu.


It takes guts to ride pillion and the dibonceng. In some parts of the road just enough for a two-wheeled vehicles, flanked by cliffs and cliff directly on the other. At points like this, motorists often side by side with the tip of a large tree over 20 feet tall.

For those who like a challenge and test of guts, a trip in the wilds of the jungle is a journey full of memories and physical fatigue certainly paid off when arriving at Lake Lindu.

Seeing it might Lake usual, but as he saw the forest around the lake is extraordinary," said the 'palu’s resident ' which had just been to Lindu.

With all the limitations of infrastructure, makes Sigi District Tourism Office as one of the Lindu's premier tourist destination. One more value than a trip to the Lindu are witnessing the merging of local residents living with nature. To determine when to begin planting and harvesting rice, the event was held morego. This event became a vehicle of social communication. On the shores of the lake, residents held dances and songs of traditional rituals which in essence is a praise to the Creator of Nature as well as a call to care for nature.

"With the uniqueness, we still sell Lindu. We make the program packages, such as trekking, nature tours, exploring the forest, and other activities are more into the wild adventure, "said Chief District Office of Tourism Sigi.

Problem of access, the local government in coordination with the Central LLNP that existing roads could be improved.

"For the Promotion, we are also working with the Tourism Office of Palu City," he said.

It appears as a destination recreation Lindu it still needs a serious clean up. At the very least, the availability of lodging and restaurants. Special lodging, local governments pull out already built cottages on the shores of the lake. Currently the building is finished, just revamping including electricity. Currently, there is no electricity in the District of Lindu. Residents typically use lamps and generators for lighting.

So far, tourists or researchers who come prefer to stay at home resident. Consciously as a tourist destination, residents are very open and ready at any moment if his house visited by visitors. Choosing home residents to be one alternative for business meals. Living room talking about how much it costs and requested prepared food which is of course typical Lindu flavorful ...

Access to the Lore Lindu
The plane from Jakarta to Palu (Idr 800,000 or  Idr 2 million)
Palu-Sadaunta public vehicles (Idr 25,000)
Motor  cycling transportation from Sadaunta-Lindu (Idr 50,000)
Lodging, Cottage (Idr 150,000 - Idr 200,000 per night), House of local residence (Idr 50,000 - Idr 100,000).

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