Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mangrove Makin Out

Mangrove Makin Out

Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali
Boalemo, condition of mangrove forests in the region Tomini Bay, southern coastal Boalemo District, Gorontalo Province, the more alarming. Of the 14 700 hectare area in the region, now the remaining 8700 acres that also threatened regional ecosystems.

Based on observations in the field on Saturday (5 / 2), former mangrove forest area in the Gulf of Tomini had been turned into shrimp ponds and fish. In fact, some ponds are no longer used, and abandoned by the managers. Leaving an empty expanse of the former ponds filled with water and wild vegetation.

According to environmental activists from the Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods and Management (Susclam), Rahman Dako, conversion of mangroves into ponds area has occurred in recent decades. Generally, clearing of mangrove forests into farms area due to economic reasons alone.

"Newcomers to the region to hire local residents to open ponds. Because of profitable, over the function of mangrove forests expanded. Meanwhile, the attention of local governments is very weak, including in law enforcement, "said Rahman.

In fact, added Rahman, encroachment of mangrove forests have entered the area of
​​nature reserve on the border Panua Boalemo and Pohuwato District. Of the 1,500 hectares of mangrove forest area in nature reserves, 60 percent, or about 900 hectares has been turned into ponds.

"The government must be firm to stop the widespread encroachment of the mangrove forest. If not, within the next 10 years the southern coast of the Gulf of Tomini could lose mangrove forests, "said Rahman.

Regent Boalemo Iwan Bokings admitted if the territory is going on mangrove forest encroachment into area ponds. One factor is the encroachment of people do not know if the acts that threaten environmental sustainability. They also do not get any incoming local nature reserves or protected forests.

Iwan added, mapping new territory in 2010 made anywhere in Boalemo imposed ban on forest encroachment.

Problem of law enforcement, citizens who already destroying mangrove forests can not necessarily be subject to severe sanctions.

He promised to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to socialize ban.

"I've also rolled out a program of Post Family Empowerment so that the community does not depend on pond management per se, but to preserve the economic value of mangroves as well as take advantage of the forest," said Iwan. (Apo)

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