Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Beauty of Goa Gajah Ubud

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Friday Yesterday I accompanied the two relatives who are in transit in Bali. They are both Uncle and my cousin brother who lives in Bogor. Coming home from visiting loved ones at home Banyuwangi, they both transit in Bali before continuing the journey to Jakarta. With Pelita Air Service plane ride from Banyuwangi, at 9:25 pm they landed at Ngurah Rai Airport.

Since the plane that would take them to Jakarta just to leave at 21:20 pm. So they looked for a car rental for help to get around to a few locations that actually had often played every time they visit to Bali. The initial plan was we wanted to play to the Sukawati art market to look for souvenirs, but since the day before the celebration of Nyepi, many stores are already closed.

With a very forced at last we decided to go towards Ubud. Along the road we traveled, unrelenting two brothers were taking photographs of ogoh-ogoh that have been prepared by the wayside. Ogoh-ogoh are going in procession through the streets around it is getting late into the evening. Because of enjoying take photos of ogoh-ogoh , without finally felt we had even reached the elephant cave temple area.

Pura Goa Gajah Bedulu located in the village which is about 6 km from the town of Ubud. Besides the existence of the cave which historically was often used to meditate, at the site also contained the holy water. Inside the cave is not much in it, there are 3 statues. Statues are named Queen Kompiang, ARCA Trilingga and Ganesha statue. In addition to these statues, the walls of the cave there are some holes that can be used for meditation / meditation.

According to the story of a friend who came from Bali, there is an assumption if we are able to hand hold the top of the cave entrance from the start to the inside without interruption, then what we want is usually achieved. For the truth of the story, all return to our intentions and generosity of the Creator.

On the front of the entrance there is a pool of Goa Gajah containing seven fountains and several fish. Water from the pool is usually used for purification for those who want to pray / meditate at Goa Gajah. It is said that fish and water from the pool of first fixed such that both the size of the fish and the amount of water and fish.

To the left of the entrance of the cave are ruins of temples damaged by the earthquake. The debris was neatly arranged front of the pool of holy water. Debris was allowed to accumulate in some groups, because it could not come together again to form some of the first temple there.

On the other side of the elephant cave, exactly when we walk down we will find a small bridge that connects the complex with a complex of Goa Gajah Buddhist Hermitage. Along the way down we can see the beautiful scenery. Starting from a watery clear creek to the left of the bridge, and swimming on his right. In the river there are two large mounds of stone and a ruined statue that supposedly fell from the top of the cliff because of the earthquake that struck first.

Across a small bridge, we'll find a shrine that supposedly once used by Buddhist monks. According to a grandmother who we met at that location, once there is a statue intact. But about 10 years ago the statue was stolen irresponsible people. Now left in the Buddhist monastery complex is just a small statue of a severed part of his head.

While next to the location of the hermitage was a cliff that was not too high standing strong. In some parts of the cliff it seems some form of sculpture. There are sculptures that resemble a pig on one side. While on the other hand is evident is sculptured in the form of the skull as well as other forms of rather vague. Unfortunately the beauty of the sculptures are covered with moss growing thickened.

Once satisfied to see the sights there, we also back. After crossing the bridge we crossed earlier, we tried to see the beauty in the pool at the side of the bridge. From the pond, I saw a gasebo that has been damaged. Some portion of the roof had fallen in with age and unkempt. While in the top pond was a square-shaped hole is rather broad. Unfortunately, the hole seemed filled with water seepage.

Finally after satisfied to see several sides of Goa Gajah, we intend to go home. Before going home we did not forget to try their luck and offer our expertise to Balinese souvenirs are sold by some merchants on the stand at the front entrance. After going through the process of bargaining a little time, by-the typical Bali we get. Starting from some shorts and trousers Balinese valuable fairly cheap, a negligee that om traded for aunt in Bogor, as well as two paintings.

Finally we went home with happy hearts. Oh yes nearly forgot to get tickets to Goa Gajah we just pay Rp. 15000, -. If when we will go to Goa Gajah we do not use long pants, do not worry officials at the entrance will lend a piece of cloth to wear inside. So if you want to go there and try to wear dress slacks are polite and neat.

If you've never been there, please be right there yes. If you are not bound tour packages, for delicious by the way could still rent a car or motorcycle. Do not worry about price guaranteed cheap and affordable.
Happy traveling.

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