Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AIR TRAFFIC | Yogyakarta

An inch of Memories in the Mind
I'll drift nostalgia as we often take some time. Enjoy the atmosphere with Yogya.

Piece of music tracks from the group band is still humming in your mind every time I mention the name of Yogyakarta. This cultural city has indeed made a lot of people fall in love and frequently slipped the nostalgia.

Starting from Malioboro atmosphere that is so crowded by tourists, who packed the snacks along the hallway, up a place to eat at sidewalk so legendary.

Yogyakarta has long been one of the favorite destination in Indonesia, which suck up a lot of visitors, both local and foreign tourists. There are some objects that constantly obliged to visit the high demand, namely the Prambanan Temple, Sultan Palace, and many more.

Bergam legacy is one proof of how Yogyakarta still trying to reconcile traditions of ancestors and relics of the past with a difficult life modernization dammed.

However, not only the life of a successful town into a magnet. Northern region was no less store charm, especially with the air temperature is still fairly cold and overlooking the beautiful nature.

Towards the north also the place to see the relics of Hindu and Buddhist civilization that is still standing strong, while listening to the story of history behind it. There is also a museum Ullen Sentalu, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta, which invites everyone to menyelamai Yogyakarta keratin family life, as well as teradisi and culture.

museum Ullen Sentalu

In the northern area that also usually everyone can enjoy tours of Merapi to walk across the slopes of Merapi, while seeing the wealth of flora and fauna in the vicinity. Including enjoy the rural atmosphere and life of people around the slopes of Merapi.

Merapi volcanic eruption events that crowded the front page news papers for more than a week even though it brings back memories of each trip. A natural event that can not be prevented, bringing pain and sorrow but will leave a smile bitterly at a later date with the proliferation of soil around.

Merapi story has not ended. But hope never over, waiting for a warm smile that had once encountered.

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