Saturday, August 27, 2011

An irreplaceable words

executive summary by Darmansjah

Chocolate, dolls, flowers, romantic dinners, and various accessories pink or pink and heart-shaped identical to the Valentine's Day. Without the presence of these things, as if Valentine's day was bland.

Valentine's Day is commonly celebrated with a partner. However, in fact, the shape of affection on the day Velentine can be disclosed to the people closest to you. For example, a parent, brother, sister, other relatives, and friends.

Of course, not merely an expression of affection in the form of heart-shaped chocolates and accessories. There were expressions of affection are intangible, but its meaning is more silent than a series of nuanced word metaphor. Among these are the touch, warm hands, and arms. Not only give a feeling of joy or improve your mood, this expression also provides health benefits noted in numerous studies.

Soft touch

Do you wince when he heard that the touch is an expression of love. Although impressed by the trivial, a little tender touch could contribute a positive effect on a person. Alice Sterling Honig, PHD, an expert at Syracuse University development children revealed that babies who rarely get a touch of having 20 percent of brain volume is smaller than babies often get a touch of old people.

A touch to the child can also make children feel comfortable, quieter, away stress, dampen emotions. The touch also provide entertaining and reassuring effect. Even a light touch can help to curb addiction to cigarettes and alcohol.

The positive effects of a soft touch because when you feel anxious, afraid, or ill, the human body will produce the hormone cortisol, which can harm health. Opponent hormone cortisol is oksitonin. While this oksitonin hormone can be obtained from a touch or a hug from someone nearby.

The touch can also stimulate the nerve endings, so it can help reduce pain. In addition, touch is considered effective to help relieve pain, depression, anxiety, and help premature babies grow and develop properly.
Hand grip

Do you often hold the hands of someone you love? Hold the hands of the general impression. However, Yata tern hand grip also contribute benefits. That said, holding the hand of a loved one can reduce pain and stress.
For women, according to the research of University of California, the touch of a loved one can be a separate anesthetic. For example, if someone is holding hands with a partner and there is a strong heat stimuli, pain is not so pronounced.

Pain also did not feel when someone holds the hand of a loved one or trusted compared to other people holding hands or other objects. This research was conducted with 25 volunteers who took the majority of students and have a good relationship with his girlfriend at least six months.

Hugs sincere

Hugs are meant of course is not meaningful to include negative arousal or cipika-cipiki (kiss the right cheek, left cheek kisses). Hugs here means cuddle with sincerity.

People who cuddle or hug will feel the power of love around him. This is what makes the immune increasing. Hormone oksitorin that comes out when people hugged each other makes the heart and mind become healthier.

Research conducted Psychiatrist from Kansas, USA, Dr. Harold Voth, against several hundred people concluded that the person who hugged able get rid of depression, boost immunity, make a longer life, and sleep more soundly.

For example, the child will grow up to be healthier and stronger, feel comfortable and confident if often gets a hug from her parents. Not just for kids, parents as depression or stress even need a hug to help ease the burden borne.
Touch, grasp hands, and arms are the languages ​​of love that could not be replaced by a thousand words. For physical and emotional effects can be extraordinary to say [HDG]

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