Friday, August 26, 2011

AIR TRAFFIC | Marine Park Indonesia

Uncover the beauty of the Marine Park Indonesia executive summary by Darmansjah
Being a popular destination for divers and dive spot with a diversity of biological creatures, Indonesia has many options to be listened to. Have you ever track it down?


Komodo Islands
Not only because of its ancient animals, dragons, the diversity of coral reefs and fish life of the island is also the main attraction. Scuba Diver Australasia magazine edition of Indonesia, said the waters here can have a visibility of about 40 meters, especially in the month of June to September which is the best period. Because here have large currents, the fish was big.

Raja Ampat, Papua
Now, who does not recognize the name? Located right on the head of the provincial bird of Papua, Raja Ampat become a favorite dive spot local and foreign divers. No other world thanks to the diversity of fauna that includes large and small fish, with topgrafi unique and have plenty of overhangs, cave walls that resemble coral. Only, the average clarity of view 10-20 meters because the waters are rich in plankton. That is why, Scuba Diver Australasia magazine added, if lucky sometimes encountered whales.

The much targeted by divers was the southern part, because the variant is quite complete and unique fish. Here too there is a gate of the city, beautiful sites that resemble giant doors, filled with large and small fish. Not far away there Hukurila Cave, underwater caves filled with soft corals.

Banda Neira.

Known for its volcanoes and volcanic sand content. "The most sought after are the views of coral that grow evenly and still in one piece along the miles and miles. Visibility is also remarkable clarity, "explained Scuba Diver Australasia Magazine Indonesian edition.

Maratua Derawan Islands.
Time to see barracuda storm in a site called The Channel, which is the moment when hundreds of fish and barracuda swimming in formation like a tornado when hunting for food.

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