Monday, February 18, 2013


Cycling for fitness exercise, by darmansjah
ACTIVITIES cycling as a sport often considered mediocre. However, in reality, to achieve fitness results, we need to understand four basic elements, namely resistance (endurance), strength (power), elasticity (flexibility), and skills .The four basic elements must also be supported by the frequency, duration, intensity in the implementation of the exercise, and nutrition to support training.

That is why cycling is very useful and has become one of the ways to fit healthy, young, and longevity

In addition, you must consider the value of good nutrition and rest. In addition to environmentally friendly, cycling provides a variety of other benefits.

Not everyone will experience the same amount of calories burning, all depending on the weight and excess body fat they have. However, the average 60-minute bike ride (20-25 miles) each day will help you burn 500-700 calories.
In addition to the leg muscles, arms, and stomach, you can train your entire upper body.  When pedaling, cardiovascular and pulmonary circulation work on, especially when racing on a bicycle.

Regular exercise can help your body fresh and fit. Blood circulation will be much smoother so that oxygen can be channeled in all parts of the body effectively. So, make a commitment of time early exercise bike and do it consistently.
To further support the movement of cycling, some bike companies have developed products such as bicycle manufacturer has launched into the market in response to the development of the bike world.

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