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The beauty behind the awesomeness Pulau Seraya

Original text by Samuel Oktora, Executive summary by darmansjah

The ocean-clear glass glows when the ships carrying tourists as he approached the tiny island, in the district of West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, on Tuesday (14/8). Hordes of tiny colorful fish dancing among the coral reefs. very beautiful natural ambience that.

A number of starfish seen rejoiced at the base of stunning beaches clean. As if all the inhabitants of the sea floor was then given a warm welcome to the tourists who come.

On the island there are 18 natural shades bungalow, with a thatched roof and walls of woven bamboo. Nature around the 'island while' is very shady and more beautiful with the hills decorated with savanna.

Rows of palm trees waving on the beach decorated with soft white sand. Breeze blowing on the island to make anyone familiar with nature.

While small islands, or more familiarly known as Pulau Seraya, is one of the leading nautical tourism in West Manggarai. The district has 162 islands with beautiful ocean views parks, one of them Pulau Seraya.

The island is also becoming one of the favorite tourist attraction, especially for foreign tourists visiting the West Manggarai. Generally, the main purpose they see ancient reptiles (Varanus komodoensis), diving, and snorkeling.

'The island is fun, beautiful, and serene. We can relax here, "said Memo Luftus, tourists from Switzerland, a mid-August last visit to Seraya Island along with three friends, Oli Fudlidus, Dave Arschkuss, and Luki Hodus.

They spent the day from morning until noon with a variety of activities, from reading books, singing, strumming a guitar, sunbathing on the beach, exercising playfully fun, to swim and snorkeling.

Conditions in Seraya Island is very suitable for snorkeling. When I tried it there was a sensation. When the tide is low, we can even walk into the sea up to a radius of about 500 meters from the beach, without worrying about drowning. Because sea level is only as high as a man's thigh.

Also adorable, marine fish with beautiful colors is not running to hide when humans approached. We can also see the coral reefs premises different shapes and colors are very attractive.
Relatively inexpensive.

This island is said to be worth a reference getaways. It's not too far to the town of Labuan Bajo. By boat can be reached in a matter of hours. Boat rental costs were relatively low, ie US$30-50 roundtrip.

Even if we wanted to stay in the bungalow, by the manager did not charge rent boat. Visitors only room per night is charged US$ 25.

About food and logistics, there is also no need to worry. On the island there is a restaurant that serves from morning till night.

It was while on holiday to the island is not satisfied if only one day. Moreover, the cost of room rental is also relatively inexpensive.

However, make no mistake anyway, because if visitors crowded, the manager of limiting long-stay visitors to stay.

"If many visitors, we only give a maximum stay for visitors 3 days. Pity the other diners were already lined up, "said Paul chung, manager Seraya Island bungalow.

Usually solid future visit in July-August, chiefly from among the foreign tourists.

Interestingly, the manager will only turn on the generator from 18:00 to 22:30 pm central Indonesia time. Understandably, this place is not reached by electricity.

"At 22:30 we quench generator as most foreign tourists ask for it, there was no activity or noise. Nominally want to relax with a quiet atmosphere. "Said Paul.

On the other hand, Pulau Seraya also kept the story a bit creepy. It was as told by Andi Anwar (47), Pulau Seraya Kecil resident, who lives over the hill from the bungalow stands.

"Once the island is known for quiet and austere. No one dared to stay here. I was here was 11 years old at that time, was invited by my late father. When we came, there were only three or four houses, "said Andi.

According to Andi, who stopped at the beginning of the white sandy island that is the retainer Bajo fishing and sea cucumbers. They then lived on the island.

Awesomeness is, residents who lived there used to spirit possession. To resuscitate should be slaughtering a goat. Goat head hanging on a tamarind tree growing in the middle of that village.

Mase (deceased), father of Andi  from Central Sulawesi, which is known to have some sort of supernatural ability healer, then asked to stay on the island locals to cure the sick or possessed with demons.

"The uniqueness of this island also has a blue-colored ornamental stones on the seabed. Ocean currents in the waters of the island was quiet. In the west, which occurs generally winds are strong, the waves were relatively flat.

Antibom fish.

Community  here also uphold the rule to not catch fish with cyanide or blast fishing. Thus, the underwater environment here is really sustainable. "We were fishing on the coast just easy to get fish," said Andi.

Over time, the population growth and the progress of time, now the weird interference as it once was never there again Seraya Island. The looks and feel of the island is the beauty, shade and tranquility.

Even more satisfying anymore, visitors Pulau Seraya is usually the way back to Labuan Bajo, the captain will offer to stop at Angel Island, which is currently managed by British citizens, Ernest Lewan Dowsky.

Angel Island also has a view of the white sand and the sea is no less interesting with Seraya Island.

What is certain for those who want to relax, honeymooners, or just a relaxing vacation away from the routine and fatigue Segal, Pulau Seraya viable an option .... See also Video "Panorama Seraya Island" in panoramaseraya

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