Friday, February 22, 2013

Enjoyment behind snow

AS one of the Asian countries with four seasons, South Korea a tourist destination of choice for those who miss flights while enjoying the snow. More profitable again, Korea mileage relatively close to Singapore than European countries and America.

Not only synonymous with boyband or romantic drama, Korea also asked as the host of the Winter Olympics in 2018. Ahead of this grand event, resot winter in Korea has its own appeal, particularly those in the Pyeong Chang, Gangwon  Do Province. Provinces known as the center of winter resort will be presenting a full and safe facilities, including winter sports facilities.

In addition, tourists can enjoy a unique panorama. In the winter, all the way in Seoul and Busan changing open air catwalk. The young trendy and chic style complete with warm clothes, colorful accessories and shoes back and forth teasing booth. This phenomenon reinforces the title of Seoul as one of the most fashionable cities in the world. You can also follow the style stylish young Seoul.

Winter in South Korea is also synonymous with traditional foods eaten during the winter suit, like odeng. Food vendors in the form of hot soup with chunks of fish balls flat. Broth was fresh and tasty fish balls that will instantly refresh the body.

Other snacks that should not be missed is hotteok, snacks can be found in Insadong traditional markets is a fried flour in which there are brown sugar and peanut pieces. This culinary tour did not stop. Do not forget to pamper your tongue with one of the most popular snacks throughout Korea, bungeo ppang. This fish-shaped cake containing layers of red beans in it. Find this snack at every street in Seoul and other cities.

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