Thursday, February 7, 2013

Your journey | Jiuzhaigou

Piece of "Heaven" in Jiuzhaigou

Executive summary by darmansjah

HEAVEN ON EARTH, as some people describe the natural beauty of Jiuzhaigou, china. The picture is not making this up because of the beauty of nature there is very beautiful.

Jiuzhaigou is an area that arguably far from modernization. Unlike other cities in China, Jiuzhaigou allowed to grow wild and natural. In this area, Jiuzhaigou National Park becomes a place that must be visited. This is where tourists can see the valley staircase steps with radiant golden yellow mixed with green color on the crystal clear waters that refresh the eyes.

That said, according to a story the local Tibetan community, the valley staircase steps and fragmented it is a reflection of a mirror which shattered into 114 pieces.

The mirror is made by mountain gods who fall in love by a goddess
. However, the appearance of the devil and god startled she dropped the mirror and shattered into 114 pieces. Instead of being bad luck, fragments are converted to 114 sparkling lakes to be fairyland on earth.

Jiuzhaigou tourist park most visited in the summer and fall. Besides the children are on vacation during the summer, most tourists are advised to visit Jiuzhaigou in fall because of the landscape will be much more beautiful and colorful.

Indeed, Jiuzhaigou scenery in four seasons remain unsightly
, but the most beautiful is the tree in autumn with red leaves, yellow, combined with the water of the lake are also colored, really eye-catching.

The natural beauty of the National Park Jiuzhaigou an advanced background in the film Crouching Tiger has also been named a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1992.
Well, it certainly could be a recognition of how much evidence Jiuzhaigou National Park has stunning scenery.

With this potential, some travel agencies offer tour packages that unfortunately missed. Wait no more, as long as you can and given time and opportunity
 by GOD to explore the natural beauty of the earth and China. Hurry up!

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