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Portobello and Borough Market

Between Portobello and Borough Market

Original text by Susi Ivvaty, executive summary by darmansjah
'Romantic drama' Nothing Hill '(1999) still leaves traces in a shop in Portobello Road, London. Poster cast, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, was on the outside wall of the store is simple, and the same blue paint like in the movie '.

The difference is, the bookstore 'The Travel Book Co.' owned by William Thacker (played by Grant) as the film has turned into a shoe store with the name of Notting Hill.

Packed on weekends in August it was quite hot, summer fun to the atmosphere this year in London, where the weather is completely uncertain. Stroll along Portobello boisterous tourists. Coincidentally timed to coincide with the celebration of the 2012 Olympics. It seems like everyone wants to shop.

Portobello Road is a kind of road that also serves as a market, reminiscent of the way malioboro in Yogyakarta and Jakarta Jalan Surabaya. Portobello is a combination of the two ways. Here gathered the traders traditional cloths, clothes, shoes, suvernir city bookmarks, coffee shops, restaurants, antique goods, second-hand sewing machines, old books, until the vegetables. In the summer, the kind of merchandise increased by one, the Olympic souvenir trinkets.

Notting Hill shoe store to be one of markers and trigger
boisterous along Portobello road about two miles in the district of Notting Hill, Kensington and Chelsea area in West London. According to some vendors, fragments Portobello road is already used as a market since the first, but grew boisterous since the film Notting Hill was released.

'Every day, hundreds of people have been asking this store after seeing Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in the movie poster. People really want to know and we deliberately put the poster. Every day, I have to answer the question, "said Byford, who then showed a thick book about the film Notting Hill.

Byford stay relaxed cater every tourist various nations who want to know about this store. 'It was 13 years ago and there are still people asking each time a vacation in Portobello. I'm just glad they made along the way the market is becoming crowded. Merchants selling, all happy, 'he added.

Every August since 1996 Portobello Film Festival held in around this road. Every Saturday, Portobello home to hunters antic goods, traditional fabric lovers, and shopping enthusiasts. 

Boisterous and excited.

Borough Market
Markets other than the center of the crowd and also a gathering place one marker. London has a number of traditional markets in each district, such as Portobello, Borough, Woolwih, and Greenwich. Not all markets crowded every day. Borough Market, for example, is only open every Friday and Saturday despite a summer special is open every day.

If Notting Hill Portobello has a symbol, Borough Market, Southbank area has a coffee shop Monmounth. A favorite coffee shop customers who love the taste of coffee specialties, not mass-franchise coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa, or a Nero. Have to queue up to buy a cup of coffee at Monmouth.

Borough Market is similar to the mere traditional markets in Indonesia. In one corner of traders gather vegetables, and there are traders of fish, meat, spices, cheeses, breads, to grocery shop. The price is no different than in the minimarket. Large tomatoes 5 pounds per kilogram, or about US$ 7.5; eggplant purple of U.S. $ 2.5 per seed; Broccoli US$4.5 per kg; Carrot US$2.5 per kg.

We came back down the aisle after Mounmouth market. Gosh! The line was long the coffee shop is now more brittle. 'Ha-ha-ha, it's always like this. People like to Monmouth because it felt more independent and intimate. I like espresso beans for use Kipi from Ethiopia and Kenya, "said Ulung Women, Media and Communication students of Brunel University, London, who has written papers on the creative industries in the region South-bank.

Accomplished adding, Monmouth coffee supplies from several countries, including Indonesia, particularly Sumatra. 'His type' Blue Batak '. People usually buy black coffee and half meat'm fine. If I then make your own coffee in the boarding house-made French press, he-he-he, "she said.

Finally, we managed to enjoy a homemade espresso Monmouth. Fragrant and delicous. The view is so bright as we chatted while walking along the side of the river Thames on the Southbank.

Accomplished again recalled, "it was very interesting Southbank. In the 1930-195's, the area was left behind. Then
is constrained Royal Festival Hall, National Theatre, Hayward Gallery, and others. Southbank totally destroyed can change from area to die ", Bronx, became a center of arts and cultural activities as well as target tourists in London ..."

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