Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Million European charm of the face

What do you imagine when visiting a very beautiful and historic in Europe? As the basis of modern civilization, Europe is really a dream vacation spot everyone. The area, dubbed as the blue continent offers a million charm that will never be forgotten.

Well, those of you who want to travel to Europe, but do not like the extreme cold weather, can continue to enjoy its charm. Routes French Riviera can be a fun choice for a family trip.

French Riviera cities famous for having beautiful beaches, one of which Monte Carlo, Monaco capital. The town is famous as a street circuit in the world's first formula 1 presents a beautiful view from the hilltop, combined with the beauty of the architecture of the Church of St. Nicholas.

All the way at the Monte Carlo, you'll see the beauty of the beach with yachts in a harbor is berthing. The Casino Royal, one of the James Bond film series taking location shot in the famous  Monte Carlo Casino as a casino for the bourgeoisie. Also enjoy shopping at the nearby casinos or simply relax in one of the cafes that are there.

Search tourist attractions can be followed by visiting Barcelona that offers the beauty of a church architecture of Gaudi'sunique design. For those of you who like to shop, La Ramblas can be selected to pamper yourself while walking leisurely.

Winter in Europe would provide a new experience, especially for travelers from tropical areas who are familiar with the tropical climate. Therefore, please complete your trip in December to explore Lourdes, a town that was one of the main attractions on the way to Spain Riviera.

In preparing for the winter holidays, do not forget to choose a touristdestination that will provide comfort and security. As an option, use the route Lourdes spain-french Riviera referenced by travel websites on line, so what are you waiting. Let us get lost!

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