Saturday, February 9, 2013

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Executive summary by darmansjah
Europe with its beauty All

traveled, but bored with tourist attraction in the country or countries in Southeast Asia in the Asian region? Countries in Eastern Europe is a solution that can be attractive alternatives to self-relaxation or improve harmony in the family.

There are so many attractions that can make you and your family in awe, among them the Vienna, Austria's capital has a classical-style buildings and unique, such as the Hofburg building which was once the winter palace of the emperor of Austria.

In addition to the Winter Palace, the city is also known as a music town has ancient and historic buildings such as the Rathaus or town hall, the cathedral church of St. Stephen gothic style, and use within Belvedere palace in which there are carvings, gardens, orange groves, and a large pool .

In addition to Austria, Germany provide exciting treat for tourists. Been to Berlin via Dresden, for example, you can find and the Semper Opera with Dresden cathedral built in the 18th century and has been renovated after being damaged due to World War II. Do not forget to visit the Berlin Wall, the former border between east germany and west germany.

Other eastern European countries are no less enticing is Swiss. Besides visiting the charming lake Lugano, visited the Alps will make you and family stunned. Plateau covered with eternal snow gives the impression of how beautiful nature is in this hemisphere. One mountain can be approached is Mount Titlis, which has reached 3,000 meters altitude.

Feel free to realize your dream vacation As tour operators who are near your city has been providing exciting tour packages to explore the European continent from east to west. Hurry up!


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