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Various beauty in the tiny country, by darmansjah

PERHAPS no one knows that Taiwan anciently known as Formosa, which in Portuguese means beautiful island. With a land area of ​​35,980 square kilometers, the State has named the capital Taipei has many beautiful places that match the destination traveled.

The first port of call is worth a visit if you come to Taiwan is Taipei 101, the highest skyscraper 101 floors in Xinyi district. In this building are the fastest elevators in the world with a maximum speed of 63 kilometers per hour and is able to bring visitors from the ground floor to the 89th floor in 39 seconds.

The second destination is the Window on China Theme Park (WOC) located in Taoyuan. This tourist attraction is the largest miniature park in the world to make two 133 minatur symbol of the world. Then, continue the journey to Taroko Gorge near Hualien. One of the seven national parks in Taiwan is an area of ​​rocky mountains, crystal clear rivers and steep cliffs are stunning.

Other than that, enjoy historical tours away to Formosan Aboriginal Village in Nantou area. This outdoor museum tells the history of the life of the original 12 tribes who once lived in Taiwan. If you want to shop, take your time to explore the night market in Kaohsiung famous for barter trading activity and bustling. Discovering variety of typical regional food, knick-knacks, to animal life.

The tour is incomplete if you do not make themselves trying to climb the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail ready to roam around the beautiful and majestic Taiwan. Feel the experience of travel abroad with experienced travel agents to be able to open your eyes on the stunning beauty of the outside world or do you want to travel solo air travel in Taiwan feel the atmosphere of a small, but beautiful.

New and exciting experience you can enjoy with friends, family or lovers even your own soul. Take advantage of the time left for you to gulp as much in adventure holidays traveled that moment more enjoyable and memorable. Let's pack your gear, and let us get lost.

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