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Third of the two million people coincide, forming a 'honeycomb' urban named Amman

Capital of Jordan is apparently not just a revolution-ravaged metropolis. Travelling from west bank to Amman integral of surprises, original text by GH, executive summary by darmansjah

It has been more than an hour, me and Sam, 69-year-old woman, waiting. We wanted to cross to the Kingdom of Jordan through the Allenby bridge which is not the usual tourist track. I admit, shorter journey through Queen Alia Airport in Amman. But already in Jerusalem, I was determined to tread the conflict areas of the West Bank. Honestly, I do not expect a 'drama' when crossing the bridge in this no man's land. But reality says otherwise.

This border is actually not recognized worldwide. Passing only non-Israeli citizens. A special Palestinian citizens need permission to cross this bridge.

"Oh, the people of Palestine did not have a passport, but a travel document," said Sam. "They ride buses. The reason, the threat of suicide bombers. "Me, Sam, and a handful of European passenger bus ride is relatively quiet. Yan bus carrying Palestinians crowded with sacks, also boxes of food and electronics-like bus homecoming Eid in Java. When we were riding the bus stop, Sam commented, "There must be something wrong visa." Her eyes closed as if to shadow a bad past.

The rate of bus stalled, because lost luggage and passengers are prohibited down. International forces still control the zone that was once recognized Jordan to six day war in 1967. The wound was still made an impression in the minds of Sam, who was born in Palestine and grew up in New York.

"I was six years old when Israeli soldiers stormed our house. My parents fled at gunpoint, "Sam was unable to hide the bitterness. "I call it oppression and apartheid, plus Sam who now commute new York and Amman.

Temple of Hercules stands proudly in Philadelphia, Amman, in the Roman period

Again the bus stop. Jordan entered the Immigration Officer bus. He collected the passport and count the number of passengers. He also made sure there was no passenger who fled into the desert area of ​​no man's land.

In the immigration booths lined up so foreign words. The crowd filled the two counters. There was no insulation, no paper number. Cap entered Jordan was given on a piece of scrap cardboard. New passport returned so police black glasses shouting the name of the individual from behind the counter. Welcome to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan!

 Residents stroll under foot pillar roman ruins

Jerusalem-Amman mileage is relatively short, only 72 kilometers, but it feels so long latency. Buses from the bridge to the capital only once a day pass. Therefore, the more popular charter bus.

"Okay, five dinars per head," said John when I walked into the padded van dull and smelly vegetables. John and his five students from the U.S. are taking lecture majoring in Middle Eastern politics. They spent a semester in Amman to study Arabic. John and his friends offered me a variety of lift to Amman.

"My mother was a Persian so let's just say I was 'coming home.' Jordan land of contrast, for many places that attract travelers from the desert to the Dead Sea in the south. Here is safe, the people were friendly, "said John in English, breaking promises on professors to speak Arabic while he was in Jordan.

After the barren land, our van ride into the city. We deal with congestion typical metropolis. Then, I continued to take a trip by taxi to the city center. Thanks to a clever cab driver told me, later I know downtown is marked by circles. Initially confusing, but it turned out to be a traffic seven circle divides the city Amman.

Pleasure in Amman

Common: both Indonesia admission requires a passport. Visa on arrival can be obtained at the airport or through the embassy Amman Jordan http://www.jordanembassy.or.id/ visa_services.htm. World tourism: visitjordan.com. The best visiting time april and october. Sting desert climate during May to September. Time: Jordan GMT +2. Currency.: Jordanian Dinar

Accommodation: Cliff Hotel, Downtown Prince Mohammed Street, from JD5; Hotel New Park www.new-parkhotel.com, began JD20. Hotel Toledo www.toledohtel.jo, began JD60.

Destinations: We recommend hiring a car to visit Fort Jerash, admiring the Roman Mosaic at Madaba and Wadi Rum canyon, location filming Transformers. Petra Archaeological Complex Tour offered by the hotel and local service bureau. It may also take the bus JETT, www.jett.com.jo

Among Arab metropolis, Amman supposedly the most oriented to the West. In my eyes, Amman still loyal to his identity.

Street name here completely similar and begins with "Prince" or "King." Yes,
family members they dominate the kingdom and his roadside signs, as in most countries of the monarchy.

Forget the map. I am looking for the hotel address "in front of the Restaurant Hashem" which is famous for its falafel super delicious. Not surprisingly, at 15:00 outdoor tables were full of it.

Check-in at Hotel Cliff is very informal: local Youth 20 years old Arab accented write my name and passport number in the guest book. There was no receipt book at the reception desk but the television is always lit and smoke cigars.

In Jordan, as well as the Middle East region in general, smokers are king. Granted once the smell of tobacco in enclosed spaces and public spaces. The entrance is flanked with Cliff Hotel bar 'Turkish' is filled with advanced-old man with a white mustache thick busy playing cards and downing wine.

The city center is marked alias commerce activities typical Arabian souk-market in the form of a row of stalls and kiosks are elongated in the narrow alleys. But in Amman, modern souk transformed into shiny windowed shops, ATM machines at the entrance to the bank, as well as fried chicken fast-food restaurant. Fortunately, traditional feel saved by the coffee shop on the roadside. Every 25 meters, a silver cup boiling coffee waiting for caffeine lovers. A glass of black coffee with a quarter dinar exchange. Yes, coffee and falafel can be enjoyed at any time, either as a breakfast to snacks.

The afternoon, the hectic traffic downtown. Rows of private cars only lost by yellow cabs honking which alert passengers. Yellow cab like mosquito larvae in ponds, so many countless, and could compete with taxis in New York.
late afternoon, traffic in front of the solidified Ottoman-style mosque of Al-Hussein

Here, from any angle always looks mighty green laser illuminated minaret. However, only a giant minaret King Al-Hussein mosque that dominates the center of the face. Remains of this Ottoman-style silent witness to the Arab revolt against the Sultan of Turkey who controlled this area for the past four centuries.

Despite having the ancestors who bequeathed culture Nabath grand-Temple of Petra, Jordan, for example-will be recognized as an independent nation in 1922. Surprisingly, Amman-faced Roman. Formerly known as Philadelphia, one of the 10 cities that make up the province of the Roman Empire Arabia.

"You can see up close," a pedestrian with a friendly, breaking my concentration being peeked Roman Theater. Understandably, the area is being redeveloped so boarded and zinc. Roman Theatre Amman pride still intact. Likewise, swimming baths Nymphaeum Roman heritage "adjacent" to the fruit stall. Being in the distance, the ruins of the Temple of Hercules play Citadel Hill from the top of the eye.

"King Abdullah II good," said Ali with broken English. Ali is a taxi driver who took me into Rainbow Street. In Amman, King Abdullah poster display in offices, restaurants, and shops. While Queen Rania looks more like a supermodel than a busy consort social activity. "The problem struck Egypt and Syria, but not with Jordan," Ali said before I fell. Rainbow Street is a youth hangout, like Kemang in Jakarta. Strawberry aromas flowing from the pipe sheesha cafes halogen lighted. Students coming out of the British Council looks chatting enjoys a frappe and cappuccino.

Among Arab metropolis, Amman supposedly the most oriented to the West. In my eyes, Amman still loyal to his identity. Arabic music strikes the center of town until past midnight. Great Mosque did not hesitate alongside the church.

The next few years, the seven hills that make up Amman perhaps be difficult to identify. Skyscrapers have proliferated, the mall became a middle-class choice. This is the best time to visit Jordan, before the waves eroded modernization or revolution arrives. As said Ali, a taxi driver who claimed a native of Amman, "We are happy in Jordan."


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