Sunday, April 28, 2013

Singapore MRT already had 25 years ago

NOW go to Singapore can be done easily. Many low-cost airlines that fly directly there from Indonesia. Singapore extent no greater than Jakarta become increasingly a tourist magnet on. They offer a variety of entertainment attractive, landscaped city atmosphere and humane transportation facilities and comfortable.

Newspaper once asked ten travelers who came to Singapore, what they were interested in visiting the country this city? On average there are two answers that surfaced, the atmosphere of the city that is safe and reliable mass transportation. Specifically answer the second, the traveler refers to the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Singapore in the form of rapid transit rail system. MRT is almost connects all the important locations in Singapore, from east to west, south to north.

Long ago, as the Singapore government has 'predicted' the country would be Developed Countries that require an integrated transport system to support rapid economic growth. It can be seen from the first corridor Singapore MRT has operated in 1987, linking the Yio Chu Kang Station and Toa Payoh Station

Currently if we download Singapore MRT route from the internet, there has been no more than five corridors that connect stations on offer at the center of business, entertainment, to government.
MRT operating conditions of carriage on time with a very well maintained, reasonably successful in getting most of the citizens of Singapore to take advantage of this public transport. Some MRT station is located adjacent to the city bus stop making it easier for commuters to switch modes of transportation. 

To take advantage of the MRT and bus, passengers can buy tickets canal that can be recharged or standard disposable air. If we stayed a few days in Singapore, tickets canal works like a debit card. Each wanted to ride the MRT, just stick it in the machine at the entrance to the station or at the bus door. 

Singapore design convenient public transportation since 25 years ago. How about Indonesia, especially Jakarta? Did not the authorities in this country have repeatedly even hundreds of times Singapore visit home and see for yourself how important the transportation system? Apparently, we are just going to start thinking about it now, but the hope is still there with Bismilah words, what you want at the start would be kept away from the group or individual greed and the greedy desire to satisfy the consumptive desires. Goddamn you is the corrupt world and the next!

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