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Danshui Unique track

Original Text by M R.U, executive summary by darmansjah

Practical driving distance of metropolitan Taipei, there are relics of colonial buildings Indonesian touch.

When find the atmosphere of Taipei, capital of Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC) laden crowd, local residents usually off to the small town of Danshui or Danshuei-pronounced Tanshui or Tamshui. Although located within the Taipei County, traveling through the hills, mountains, and rivers so that the impression is traveling out of town.

In the past, referred to citizens Danshui as Huwei, meaning freshwater Danshui River estuary to the sea. His name is well-known post-Beijing agreement (Treaty of Beijing) because it has a port for foreign trade. The harbor is also famous as the largest fishing pier in Taiwan, Keelung superseded in the 1920s.

Been to Danshui to do a day-trip from Taipei aka without a stay, by utilizing direct metro service to the Old Town Station Danshui. Without complicated orientation, the court was appointed Danshui Old Street aka Gongming Street. Contoured down narrow streets flanked by souvenir vendors and a variety of typical Taiwanese snacks for walkers presents an intimate moment along this segment. At some point, there are temples of worship that emit the smell of incense and constantly visited by local residents. One of them Fuyou Temple at Zhongcheng Road. Highway boundary, across the temples, there are brick walls painted white glazed tiles painted with a variety of themes, such as beach landscape, mountains, flowers and men in classical Chinese style, to pop-art. While walking along the pedestrian, visitor use as a fotograpy location.

At Junction Zhongshan Road there is a small path MacKay Street, named after a Canadian missionary, George Leslie MacKay, spreading Christianity in Danshui as well as local education leaders. Trails will take visitors to Danshui Prebyterian Church. The building was made in 1993 it stood on the site of the old church pastor MacKay established in 1890. One of the unique old town on foot contour Danshui is up and down from one location towards the other. Including if you want to enjoy the landscape at an altitude city. Try heading Sanmin Street and stopped at Resto Red Castle that have rung more than 100 pieces. Made-up 1899 Victorian building was originally owned by British merchants and has become a famous landmark Danshui.

If interested to see the final resting pastor MacKay, proceed uphill journey to a special cemetery are in the neighborhood Tam Kang High School. This school is the first western-style educational institutions in Taiwan. The pattern of teaching, girls and boys are educated separately.

In addition to his tomb and his relatives, in the area behind the tomb is located MacKay final resting foreigners who died period 1867-1974.

Back tread contour decreased from the school compound, the trajectory will pass the white house like a tiny castle, known as the Little White House and was built during the period 1869-1876. In the past, used as the residence of a local dignitary Danshui and is now open to the public.

Furthermore, Zhongchen Road trip leads to the flat. Across the street there is a path on the walkway leading to the beach. Visitors can enjoy views of the Taiwan Strait and the Danshui River runs along Banyan Walk. As the name implies, the segment features ornate monument banyan trees pastor recalled MacKay. His figure is kneeling at the side of a boat. The building is made up donations came from residents homes in Oxford, Ontario, Canada after a series of trail and the pastor's study determined that providing education to local children, including teaching under a banyan tree he did in 1872.

  No less strenuous climb to the top of the hill is Fort San Domingo. Due to changes in the coastline, is now the location of Spanish forts were not so close to the sea. In the local language, the fort was known as a bastion Hongmao Cheng aka red-haired barbarians. On the back of the building there is a residence of the British consulate made in 1891. Occupancy was closed at the time of the Japanese occupation in WWII and used again until 1972 during a diplomatic termination Taiwan and the UK. Termuan interesting one is the original floor tiles made using Java.

Travel to the old town of Danshui feels good. Fatigue caused by walking on the path up and down paid off with many savory dishes throughout the segment that leads back to the metro station near Danshui Old Street. A dusk-laden traditional and colonial touches.


Use the budget airline Singapore-Taipei. Use the Taipei Metro, select the Danshui - Xindian line (red-green); Alternative tours of Danshui crossing to Bali to visit the mangrove forest or climb Mount Guanyinshan.

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