Monday, April 29, 2013

Exploring the past on Jakarta

FACE Jakarta is now adorned with skyscrapers undeniably. The dominance of the entertainment center in the form of mall or café as if giving him no option for recreation. In the midst of modernity and chaotic, squalor to offer, it still holds some buildings Jakarta storage past the museum.

Among the many historic buildings storing relics of the past that still remains, Fatahilah Museum is very popular in the underclass and street vendors. However, not only the museum could be a recreation destination with hot air and scattered garbage everywhere and bustle of public transport and the shouts of rowdy public transport drivers.

Puppet Museum
Not far away from the Museum Fatahilah, there are other attractions to visit, the Puppet Museum. According to the historical record is not clear in its official website, the old building is the site of the old church which was founded Dutch colonization of Indonesia nation in 1640.

Little puppet museum holds a collection of only 4.000 as a collection of puppets, dolls, and gamelan. This little collection was saved from Asian countries to Europe.

Textile Museum
Moving on from the old town, you can trace the path Aipda KS Tubun, Central Jakarta, close to Tanah Abang market crowded by human activities from morning until late afternoon, took a moment to look at the Textile Museum has been painstakingly over the government's efforts to preserving traditional textiles which was established in 1976.

This museum shows a collection of more than 1,000. In addition, educating the public remains active in enhancing the appreciation and preservation of Indonesian textile traditions through exhibitions and seminars.

National Museum
In the region including the main street numbers in Jakarta, precisely at the Merdeka Selatan adjacent to the central office and administration, there is a museum that is necessary and should be visited by us, which is a national Musem much a collection of ancient historical relics and artifacts as a symbol of the unity of Indonesia .

Kite Museum
Most of the museums in Jakarta are owned by the government, but there is a museum run by the private and not to be missed. Invite your friends and family to play in the Kite Museum are located in Pondok Labu, South Jakarta.

Although the price of admission is relatively more expensive than most museums, attractions and activities offered are varied. Visitors are invited to undergo tour museums, learn to make a kite, umbrella painting, to batik. So, on vacation in Jakarta not only be to the mall instead?

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