Friday, April 19, 2013

Odense City

By Adi Prinantyo, executive summary by darmansjah

People familiar with Denmark through its capital, Copenhagen. Other cities? Not necessarily. Odense (Denmark people call Odse) the tournament host cities badminton Denmark Open Super Series 2012 is no exception.
Odense is located in the southwest of Copenhagen, located on separate islands, Funen. Prior to 1977, dau island, namely Zealand as the largest island, with Copenhagen in it, and the main town Funen Odense, connected by sea transport. "People passing by Copenhagen Denmark-Odense by ferry. If the weather is bad, definitely disturbed, "said Thomas Rasmussen, Danish Open crew committee that brought a number of journalists from Copenhagen to Odense, Monday (15/10).
Sea transportation is no longer the mainstay after bridge Zealand-Funen, 17 kilometers long, was built. The bridge is in operation since 1997 was named Storebaelt-Sbroen or the Great Belt Bridge. Named because the Danish Great Belt bridge also has a small belt, connecting the island of Jutland - Funen.

With a population of only 168,000 inhabitants, the city became the third largest city in Denmark after Copenhagen and Aarhaus. When coupled with the suburban areas, the Odense 200.000 inhabitants.

When Denmark Open starts on Tuesday (16/10), Odense prepared to meet winter. Temperatures in the range of 11-12 degrees Celsius. Pretty cool for those coming from a tropical country like Indonesia.

Andersen, Andersen

There is some information "hidden" from Odense makes people shocked and said, "Oh ... it turns out."
Odense is the hometown of famous fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen. Andersen's fairy tales are so well-known, widespread throughout the world, including translating into Indonesian language. The period 1970-1980's, the Indonesian children are very familiar with the Andersen fairy tale.

"Tales Andersen worldwide, but no one knows, Andersen and the Danish people born and raised in Odense," said Gitte Vestermark, Odense residents whose communications consultant. Hence also the Government odense and Denmark tried to introduce the city.

Where-man in Odense are often found associated attributes HC Andersen. One official in Denmark, Radison, located near the house Andersen. The hotel is also full of knick-knacks Andersen. At the entrance there is a statue of Andersen's long coat and his trademark hat. In many ways the hotel displayed footage Andersen fairy tale.

Yesterday was a public holiday the kids in Odense and many who visit the Museum of HC Andersen. The museum was built with the serious figure separately Andersen was phenomenal and worldwide.

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