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Memorable holiday in South Korea

Memorable holiday in South Korea

Sample the cuisine is also South Korea's Seoul restaurant widely spread in the Ginseng Chicken Soup which has many benefits for the body and watch shows Nanta Show.
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With topography have the shape of row mountains, rivers, natural lakes and a stretch of beautiful, South Korea became one of the icons that attract tourism. Similarly, the cities are neat and modern, and clean; make ginseng country's increasingly tempting to visit.

Seoul, for example. In the biggest city become South Korean capital, tourists will love the clean air and transportation system manageable units and tourist accessible anywhere.

In this city you can also surrounds Seoul with a big boat down the beautiful Han River, or the Seoul Metro, a subway that became the mainstay of public transport Koreans harsh and unfriendly, but fair.

In South Korea, the spring is marked by the yellow and white flowers that bloom and spread across South Korea. This usually begin blooming in early March to mid-April.

While the winter, the ski resort is a favorite destination as a famous Muju Resort. Ski areas opened in 1990 is very famous for its buildings, roads, and parks were created to resemble the Austrian State and surrounded by snowy mountain is still very, very well maintained.

Similarly, Mount Seorak is located in Gangwon Province. It is the third highest mountain in South Korea after Mount Halla on Jeju and Mount Jiri in South Gyeongsang.

South Korea is also a shopping destination, many famous and luxury goods are sold at low prices. Many also come to South Korea for the purpose of operating on his face to make it look more beautiful or Asian artists like his idol, or find a good cosmetic as well-known South Korean woman with white skin and smooth.
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