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A journey of rejuvenation in Korea

If you are planning a trip to Korea this winter, the spa is definitely the best place to go. Spa getaways are particularly popular among Koreans in the winter in order to relieve stress, keep skin from getting dry, and maintain ones general well-being. There are a wide variety of spa facilities throughout the country – from urban spas in convenient city locations to health spas for rejuvenating your mind and body; from open-air spas overlooking majestic sunrises and sunsets to all-encompassing spa resorts. Spas are located near almost every major tourist attraction, adding another unique and enjoyable element to your stay in Korea!

Traditional Hot Springs

For most people, the natural health benefits of hot springs are the main reason to go on a spa trip. Hundreds of years of history prove that the time-honored tradition of soaking in a hot spring is indeed effective in not only easing your mind, but also in relieving symptoms related to dermatitis.

Hot Springs

A notch higher in quality are the Healthy Hot Springs, hot springs that have received government accreditation for having a  consistent water temperature of above 35C at all times; water with proven scientifically-based health benefits; as well as a surrounding environment and atmosphere that also provides health benefits. Major healthy hot springs include Seorak Waterpia, Paradise Spa Dogo, and Resom Spa Castle.

Open-air Hot Springs

In Korea, there are a myriad of open-air hot springs that offer fantastic views and top-quality water. Many of these hot springs are nestled deep in the mountains and provide amazing views. With hot spring water swirling around your body and the crisp, clean mountain air filling your lungs, the experience of relaxing in an open-air hot spring is like none other.


If you don’t have the time to travel outside of Seoul to another region to relax, hop on the subway and visit one of these jjimjilbang facilities. At only a fraction of what you would pay at a hot spring resort, you’ll be able to use the shower, sauna, spa facilities, and resting room all day long. Most jjimjilbangs are open 24 hours a day and offer a selection of foods and beverages, making them a cheap accommodation option during your stay in Seoul.

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