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TOMOHON & Tondano

By Very Barus, executive summary by darmansjah

North Sulawesi, synonymous with the city of Manado and Bunaken underwater nature. Both have become an iconic tourist destination, as if no other tourist destinations that are not less interesting than the earth Minahasa.

North Sulawesi,  45 kilometers from the city of Manado can be reached by about 1 to 1.5 hours drive. Although the road taken is quite winding and winding, but I am satisfied with the view of the mountains and green trees stretching all the way. Hills and paddy fields combined into a refreshing view of the eye, especially for people who are tired of seeing the city of tall buildings. Inhaled air even longer feels the cold hit. Tondano is located in the highlands, although the sun was shining pretty bright, the air here feels much cooler than Manado.

Our main goal is Tondano around the lake which is the largest lake in the province of North Sulawesi. The lake is flanked by mountains that besides cooling also adds a wonderful view of the area. The car had stopped for a while because I wanted to see the lake from close range. Banks of the lake are a lot of overgrown plants water hyacinth, wild trees and water rippling as winds and strong waves of a wind chime into a memorable image of a natural wonder that according to legend was the result of disobedience to counsel parents.

Tondano lake is famous for producing small shrimp and delicate fish (similar to whitebait) are not found in other lakes. I'm curious to see the form of shrimp and fish specialties Lake Tondano (Wiko and Nike). I was then approached a fisherman whose boat had just pulled over to see the small shrimps that were in the bucket he was carrying. "If his name here Wiko or small shrimp. If the small fish it’s namely Nike, "said the fisherman with his friendly. I was more curious as to what flavor Wiko and Nike after being processed into the dish. Shrimp and fish are usually dried and then fried and given a distinctive sauce. So is the fish Nike. In addition to cut dry, savory fish is also often used as a 'peanut brittle'. All around the lake area of ​​4.279 ha, I saw some restaurants and hotels are empty. According to the information I can, Tondano Lakes region is still lacking highlighted as a tourist attraction for both domestic or foreign tourists. Most travelers who come to Bunaken -Manado just know it, while other attractions are still not so tempting for travelers. In fact, throughout my eyesight, Lake Tondano potential to become a tourist destination in northern Sulawesi.

Satisfied looked Tondano lake, we continued on towards Tomohon to see sights that are not less interesting, namely Lake Linow. Just twenty minutes from the city Tondano car had arrived at the lake has an area of ​​approximately 34 ha that. Privileged Linow lake is the color of the water is like changing. The change may occur depending on the corner of the eye where the light was coming. If the wind blows to the left side of the lake water can change the color of the original green to yellow or blue. Very interesting is not it?

Linow Lake water has a high sulfur content. Insert foot into the warm waters of the lake it will spread to your body. Sulfur water is very useful to cure some skin diseases like rashes, athlete's foot or other skin diseases as long as you are diligent in visiting the lake smelled sulfur was pierced nose. Although Lake Linow quite beautiful and the water's health benefits, you still have to be careful. The smell of sulfur is too long can cause headaches and nausea. Besides, if you're enjoying the view on the lake not to step on mud puddles were still boiling heat because it can cause blisters on your feet. To get into the lake Linow and must pay an entrance fee USD2.5 per person, with hours of operation between the hours of 08:00 to 17:00.

Once satisfied Tondano exploring Lake and Lake Linow, fatigue and hunger began to gnaw our bodies. We returned to downtown turnaround Tondano the desire to taste the fish and shrimp distinctive Nike Lake Tondano also can not be stopped. We started looking for a place to eat. As the car began to enter the city center Tondano, I saw a glimpse of the monument Monas similar but with a smaller size. Named Proclamation Monument, the building has a height of 15 feet and stands firmly on the exact intersection near Park City Tondano. The monument was unveiled on Independence Day of Indonesia August 17, 1975 by HV Worong.

After circling looking for a place to eat, the car finally stopped at a house belonging to a simple meal. Do not imagine you see the row of houses fine dining like in big cities because the average diner here similar to the coffee shop or coffee house is often called. Although it looks simple, but when it comes to taste may be pitted with Manado typical restaurant in the capital. It feels much more tasty and spicy taste can make sweat pouring from his head. Finally my tongue can taste the typical small shrimps and fish Lake Tondano Nike savory when fried with flour. In addition, I also sampled Cakalang Fufu (smoked tuna), do not miss the chili Dabu-Dabu very popular! Finished eating spicy, my eyes are tempted to see a row of cakes that are still fresh. Stomach as if it is no satiety after eating a lot. Lalampa cake, Balapi, Piapong (like pao), wajik, and eventually became Binolos dessert at lunch that day. One more thing, all the food was sold at a very pocket friendly. Cheap, much cheaper than the typical price of cakes that are sold in the capital Manado.

There are exciting events while being engrossed eating at the coffee house. From the outside came the sound of thumping music so loud. I think the owner of the coffee house next door is doing a celebration. A minibus was waiting for passengers which tune music from his car with a very strong volume. Apparently most of the microbus here already modified car sound system with a super-sophisticated equipment to attract passengers.

If you have big balls and courage to see something different from the existing markets in the country, visit to Tomohon animal market on the weekend (Saturday) as the day it would be slaughter animals to be sold. animals such as dogs (RW), pigs, bats, water buffalo, rats, monkeys, snakes, and more. They will be slaughtered in front of buyers or visitors who want to buy it. Intention to visit Livestock Market Tomohon I had wanted to cancel after getting an overview about buying and selling 'sadistic' that makes my body, a dog lover, limp. But I finally had the courage to visit the market.

Saturday morning we were in the market where the atmosphere is quite festive. Despite the relatively cool air because the market is surrounded by hills of green, the mood in the market looks hot. Understandably, the slaughter of animals in the distance events have been seen. The closer the target, the more my heart is troubled. Upon entering the market, I immediately saw some village dogs are confined in an iron cage. What a pity they overlap in one place for very small dogs size 10 'Pretty soon their lives would have been lost, "said my brother. He continued, "if there are buyers then the dogs will be removed from the cage then beaten using a wooden head. After that the dog will limp. "He wanted to liberate my dogs but alas, this is not my area. This is another area that generation to have to sell and consume dog (rw).

A moment later, there are some buyers who want to buy the dogs. Once selected the dog removed from the cage, and her head was beaten and taken directly backward to baking so that his skin turned black. see scenes 'torture' and see how they bake the dogs to jet black skin, I really do not hold back sad. What a fate unfortunately dogs. In addition to the dogs, I also see some animals are treated equally. Starting from pigs, bats, mistreat white tail (rat tail is white with a forest animal meat crispy and savory), snakes and more.

Apparently quite a lot of tourist destinations in North Sulawesi interesting is not it? For that try to explore the Minahasa area rich in tourist attraction. Take a few days to explore the city Tomohon and Tondano, and get a unique experience that can only be found here.

How to get there

Manado is the main gateway to Tomohon and Tondano. From Soekarno Hatta there are at least nine flights to Sam Ratulangi International Airport, the airline Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batavia Air and Sriwijaya Air. Manado is also accessible melallui Surabaya (Sriwijaya Air), Denpasar (Lion Air), Balikpapan (Garuda Indonesia, Batavia Air), Makassar (Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air), Ternate (Wings Air), Sorong (Wings Air) and Jayapura ((pigeons). AirAsia (from Kuala Lumpur) and Silk Air (from Singapore) fly three times a week to Manado.

How to explore

From Manado, there are two ways that you can take to reach Tomohon and Tondano. The first is to use public transport bus and microbus from Manado to Terminal Karombasan Faith Tomohon with tariff around usd0.6. From Tomohon you can move on to Tondano using US$0.4 microbus. The second way is to rent a car. Daily Rental you can get in Manado with a tariff between US$ 30-US$ 50 per day.

Where to Stay

Happy Flower Resot; Jl. Rungku Kkaskasen 2 North Tomohon; Tel. +62 813 40 310 671

Highland Resort & Spa; Kinilow Keep VI, Tomohon, 95 362 Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, Tel: (+62) 431 353 333/353 888 Fax: (+62) 431 353 777

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