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ByVery Barus, executive summary by darmansjah

Tomohon also famous for spiritual tourism. Here there is a Way of the Cross Mahawu, tourism is on top of a hill. Way of the Cross describes the event when Jesus was arrested with complete chronological story replica made ​​of copper. Consisting of 187 stairs with a slope of 70 degrees, from the first rung to rung to 187, you will follow the story of Jesus' crucifixion. At up the stairs, as if you are taken to 'trail' when Jesus was crucified. Some sculptures shaped diorama tall man made of a mixture of copper and bronze is placed in the middle of the street as a form of devotion that is to follow Jesus. It is intentionally made ​​so that visitors can also feel the meaning of the Cross solemnly.

Before beginning the ritual of the Cross, you must register in advance, as well as find information about where we will live. Here you can buy a variety of spiritual items such as the Bible, go to prayer, the Rosary, souvenirs and refreshments. Then you can begin the journey to climb the stairs one by one called the Via Dolorosa. Along the way you will find a park with a statue of the Virgin Mary Pieta'm assuming the body of His Son. Forms of this park as being to grasp the hand as a sign of 'close unity' between child and mother. Then you will find the tomb of Jesus is like a tunnel. When you get to the tunnel we saw there was an empty room with a round hole in the roof. In the afternoon the sun will go into the room through the hole to form a holy light. In the last step you will find a cave. It's very natural with rock wall by flowing water mountain nature. So the pool is in the cave Maria will never dry up. In front there is a large room that is often used for prayer or mass. Right next to it there is an amphitheater shaped like a coliseum. Amphitheater is usually used for prayer, worship or mass field. Often used for art performances Acra with a capacity of up to 1000 people in the audience.

On arriving at the top of the ascent of the Cross Mahawu, you will be fascinated to see the chapel of Our Lady to the shape of Noah's ark as upside down. The location is absolutely beautiful, surrounded by trees of green. Although the position of the chapel is the peak of the ascent of the Cross, but the actual position of the chapel is right at the foot of the Mountain Mahawu. In addition to the unique interior, some parts of the chapel architect Samad Idris is made from a combination of copper and bronze. Many visitors who come here for spiritual tourism location quiet, calm, cool, and also very natural.

Chapel of Our Lady is often the venue of Christian spirituality such as praying together to coaching activities for Christian youth. Besides the chapel's architect Samad Idris is also often used as a point of celebration of Easter, Christmas and other church events. Visitors who do these activities not only come from local residents but also from out of town or overseas Minahasa such as Singapore and Australia. As at the time I visited a site that was built in the 2005's, many groups are already engaged spirituality. Just as the activities of the church, the chapel is also often used as a wedding blessing. Many newlyweds choose to do the wedding ceremony here because the location is considered very romantic. Yes, because when the first blessing, from the chapel we can see clearly the summit of Mount Lokon (new and will erupt), Mount Tomohon, Mount Soputan and Mount Manado Tua (when viewed from the north side of the chapel).

Sightseeing is not only intended for Christians only. In this area there are many other attractions open to the public. Mahawu example, provides outbound Mahawu Adventure Park to complete a test game adrenaline as High Rope, flyin fox, spider web, games outbound, jungle trekking. Here also available Alamanda Inn Retreat exactly who stands firmly at the foot of the mountain with the cool air.

How to get there

Manado is the main gateway to Tomohon and Tondano. From Soekarno Hatta there are at least nine flights to Sam Ratulangi International Airport, the airline Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batavia Air and Sriwijaya Air. Manado is also accessible melallui Surabaya (Sriwijaya Air), Denpasar (Lion Air), Balikpapan (Garuda Indonesia, Batavia Air), Makassar (Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air), Ternate (Wings Air), Sorong (Wings Air) and Jayapura ((pigeons). AirAsia (from Kuala Lumpur) and Silk Air (from Singapore) fly three times a week to Manado.

How to explore

From Manado, there are two ways that you can take to reach Tomohon and Tondano. The first is to use public transport bus and microbus from Manado to Terminal Karombasan Faith Tomohon with tariff around usd0.6. From Tomohon you can move on to Tondano using US$0.4 microbus. The second way is to rent a car. Daily Rental you can get in Manado with a tariff between US$ 30-US$ 50 per day.

Where to Stay

Happy Flower Resot; Jl. Rungku Kkaskasen 2 North Tomohon; Tel. +62 813 40 310 671

Highland Resort & Spa; Kinilow Keep VI, Tomohon, 95 362 Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, Tel: (+62) 431 353 333/353 888 Fax: (+62) 431 353 777 http://www.highlandresort.info/

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