Monday, August 12, 2013

Cruising in City History

Lovers of history should not be forgotten tourist visiting a country like Russia. According, this country has three best art institutions in the world, namely the Bolshoi Theater and Pushkin Art Gallery in Moscow and the Mariinsky Theater and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.


This city became the headquarters of the famous football clubs, such as FC Spartak Moscow and CSKA Moscow. In addition to Russian Circus performances, this city presents a wonderful city tour. One of them, you could start with visiting Chambers in the Kremlin Armory is one of the oldest buildings of a 11th century castle.

After that, you can stop by see the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great was built in 1508 and the Tsar Bell is the largest bell in the world (65 tons). If possible, please come to Red Square to see Lenin Mausoleum of close. Here we can see the whole body of the hero Boshevik 1917 revolution that ended the era of the Prussian monarchy.

St. Petersburg

City known as Russia's window to the West is indeed very beautiful. Some places that can be witnessed in this city among others, St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Peter, and Paul Fortress. At night, you can also watch Folklore Show in Niokalevsky Palace.

Not only that, if you are interested in seeing the beauty of the king's palace decorations, you can come to Peterhof Summer Palace, known as Petrodvorets Museum.


Before visiting Stockholm, please stop in Helsinki  to see the work of imperial style of architecture that was built when Finland was still under Prussian empire. Some places that can be visited, among others, Senate Square, Parliament House, Market Square, Sibelius Monument, Great Lutheran Church and Tempeliaukion, which is a church made of marble that resembles a flying saucer.

In this city, you can visit the City Hall which is where the Nobel award each year. Here you also had the opportunity to see the Old Town, Royal Palace, Vasa Ship Museum, and Kungsgatan Area.

Norway and Denmark

Once satisfied historical tour in Russia, you can visit Norway. One of them is the famous city Gudvangen with stunning natural beauty. There is also the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the museum is open with statues depicting man’s emotional nature of the work of Gustav Vigeland, with his masterpiece 'The Anggry'.

Meanwhile in Denmark, if you want to see the collection and storage of crown royal jewelry, please visit Rosenborg Castle. If you are interested in visiting historical places to ride a bicycle as a healthy transportation, do not delay anymore. As useful information, please log on at TravelGuidance.Blogspot.Com

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