Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting lost in the whirlpool Ha Long Bay

Original text by Anggertimur Lanang Tinarbuko

The eye feels can not escape looking at the cluster of green misty islands in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. There is a magical charm that makes the whole body sculpting. Visually sucked into the vortex. Visual effect was lost in the dragon dwells.

Executive summary by Darmansjah
Ha Long Bay or in Indonesian means dragon bay is calm the waters with the famous water. In the story of its history, the region is the abode of the dragon protector Vietnamese nation.

Geographically, the region is located in Quang Ninh province, northeast of Hanoi. To achieve the dragon bay recognized as a Unesco world heritage, it takes about 2.5 hours drive.

Early February, Ha Long Bay welcomes its visitors with a foggy and cold air temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. It was pretty cool for people who live in tropical countries, like mine. In addition to met the cold air, I also saw a group of tourists from China eager to wade Ha Long Bay.

When off 'Tet' (the name for the Lunar New Year in Vietnam), the bay was crowded attacked tourists from China. That's because the geographical location of the two countries are adjacent and can be accessed by road.
Dragon Bay into visual wealth to succeed I had while serving as a translator entourage 'Sekar Jagad', a community of lovers of batik in Indonesia.

Small brown boats commonly called 'junk' by the local people were waiting on the edge of the dock Bay Cay. The ship will take us adventuring in the bay of the dragon.

View of a collection of ships vanished as soon as we go deeper into this bay. Eyes began spoiled islands of limestone totaling 1,969 pieces that lay in the bay area of ​​1,553 square kilometers.

Hang Sung Sot

Although many islands in the bay dragon that can not be visited, there is one island that can enjoy its beauty. Hang her name sung sot, one natural cave nicknamed 'cave of surpirses' on the island Bo hon.

Goa is founded by the French in 1901, it has a lot of surprises, even from the beginning we set foot here. The first surprise is the 400 stairs to step to get in and out of the Hang Sung Sot. It is not so pronounced because of the many tourists who kinship step down emotion.

When fatigue began clung batch, put it toward the moment we outlook bay. There presented the composition of the vessel, limestone islands, as well as charming trees that are ready to be 'mood booster' for climbing.

Hang Sung Sot has three different spaces. Each space is distinguished by its size. Entering the first space seem crowded and bustling atmosphere. The small size of the first room other than the space air, and its shape is a little box. Here tourists provided interesting photo spots, set detail with the lights, so it looks a cave wall surface background with curves.

Satisfied photographed in the first room, I slipped into a narrow gap that can only be passed by a single person. This gap led me to the second chamber is much bigger and wider. This is evident from the high ceiling cave in the second room. The second room ceiling, dubbed 'serene castle' is decorated with many stalactites with various sizes and shapes.

In the second room, I fixated on the view of ceiling cave full of stalactites. However, there are other things that also seized attention me, the graffiti on the walls of the cave. Many posts smelling vandalism in the cave wall. Many of them bearing the name of the people and of their arrival to the Hang Sung Sot. Vandalism oldest I've seen reads 1929.

When moved to the largest room in the hang sung sot, I met John Bozonat and Lise, married native Quebec, Canada. 'Our dream is already a long time to go to Ha long bay,' said Lise.

However, John chimed in with personal reasons, Ha Long Bay reminiscent of my brother (French soldiers) who had been involved in the Vietnam war, 'he said.

After the first 200 steps resolved, it was time 200 steps leading to immediate step way home, we kept getting lost in. swirl in Ha Long Bay.

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