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Waterfall with background Iguacu National Park

executive summary by darmanjsh

Rainbow wash Iguacu

Small town that has a tremendous natural wealth is in the southern tip of Brazil. Reached by a two hour flight from Rio de Janeiro. It is located just 3 kilometers from the border with Argentina.

Foz do Iguacu most of which center can be surrounded by car about 10 minutes, so small. From here, Argentina and Paraguay just 'throw stones', separated by a distance of several kilometers. For residents Iguacu, visited both countries as passing from Cologne to Bern or Lucerne.

'It's a small town, we only have one shopping center. If you want to buy electronic goods, cheaper in Paraguay. If you want to shop clothes, can go to Argentina, "said Romal (50), owner of Brazilians travel Brisas Galli.

Shopping center is named Cataritas JL, who was in the main street, Avenida Costa de Silva generally. Guaranteed to be stunned. Conditions are not less than toilets in five star hotels.

Once inside the breezy inhaled interest, instead of automatically ejects a spray bottle suffocating steam, but from a series of fresh flowers-lilies, roses, daisies, and some typical Brazilian-wildflowers placed in clear vases in various corners of the room. The bathroom has a special dressing room, with seating and glass, the floor is very shiny until we can mirror.

Interestingly, in the room next to the women's restroom toilet placed special children, with rows of colorful doors, also the holder, glass, hand washing facilities are small-sized. Still not enough, also provided a spacious waiting room with furnishings that make a stand.

Maybe this is the unseen wealth owned Foz city dwellers. Arguably their city location at the end of the world, but the level of civility of its citizens is beyond the standard big city. Not only hygiene is maintained, but also discipline in queuing, prioritizing people with disabilities, in maintaining public facilities, and hospitality in treating foreigners, even though most people can not speak English.



Foz tangible wealth is located in the heart of Iguaçu National Park. Iguacu waterfalls to be enduring a magnet to suck millions of visitors each year. Imagine the enormity. Waterfalls located on the border of Brazil and Argentina was formed of 275 cataract related to each other, about 75 feet high and about 3 kilometers in length! This invaluable wealth of standardized as World Heritage by Unesco there in 1986.

When the bus crossed the main road deserted national park, water roar was heard from several kilometers before. At the stopover point, the view presented in front of the eyes makes shortness of breath. Lined waterfall that spills water so massively stretched. Water flow flowing form a large lake. From the stand, inflatable boats that pass around like a waterfall curtain dots bobbing in the swift current.

Paths in the woods has been made ​​easier, with the cement footing, as well as wood, and iron fences to hold the place. Forest animals roam free. The most fun approach is quatis, animals like raccoons posture has an adorable fur. But be careful, though already accustomed to human presence, they can strike suddenly, especially on visitors who bring food.

After walking up and down about 2 kilometers in the shade of tall trees species Araucaria and Peroba-rosa, arrived at the stopover point leader, were working in close proximity to the falls.

Here provided the platform (a sort of long wooden bridge) that juts up close to the water curtain. We can walk through the water and feel the mist from the nearby awesomeness' Garganta do Diabo’(Devil's Throat), where the fall of water with a very large force into a niche that is very deep. That's why the Indians in Brazil in the past referred to it as 'the devil throat'. Prepare to be choked up watching this natural masterpiece.

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