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Executive summary by darmansjah

The Dodecanese Islands 

Discover islands that rest like a string of jewels in the southern Aegean Sea, with medieval castles, walled cities and exquisite beaches en route.

Fgr. Originally used as flour mills, many of the picturesque windmills on the island of Leros have now been converted into small hotels

Fgr. All aboard the Katerina for an island-hopping trip from Kalymnos

Fgr. Andreas Kalatzis of Patmos continues the art traditions of his island home

 A golden afternoon in the historic main square of Rhodes Old Town

Fgr. The traditional blue domes of the Greek Islands see red on Karpathos

Your trip mapped out

Island-hop your way across the Aegean, from the raw natural wonder of Karpathos to the holy sites of Patmos.

 KARPATHOS – Best for activities

despite its diminutive size, Karpathos hits big on the seeing and doing front, with surfing beaches, walking trails and ever-changing scenery

RHODES – Best for History

An ancient mishmash of the medieval and the Byzantine, Rhodes conjures images of gothic princesses and charging knights in armour.

KALYMNOS – Best for life by the  sea

At Pothia harbor, sample the maritime spirit of Kalymnos, with a lively mix of seafront restaurants, fishermen and moped-driving locals.

LEROS – Best for slowing down

Take it down a gear or two by the waters of this delightfully mellow fishing island, where doing nothing has become a  local artform.

PATMOS – Best for culture

With Unesco world heritage sites the Monastery of Saint John and the Cave of the Apocalypse, Patmos isn’t short on spiritual highlights.

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