Friday, August 30, 2013

Oslo, Norway

 The capital of Norway has risen up around its harbour

Executive summary by darmansjah

Located at the head of the Oslo-fjord inlet and hemmed in by miles of woodland, Oslo is the only European capital that offers hiking, kayaking, sailing and skiing within its city limits. It’s no cultural slouch either, with a vibrant café and bar scene and world-class museums showcasing local talents such as the artist Munch.

Oslo winters are long and harsh, with temperatures dropping to-25C and less than two hours of sunlight in December and January. May, June and July see the most sunlight and some of the city’s best festivals. They are the best months for many outdoor activities.

Singapore Airlines, Scandinavian Air and KLM fly to Oslo from Singapore, transiting in Amsterdam, London or Copenhagen. From K.L., fly Malaysian Airlines to Airlines to Oslo via Amsterdam. Boasting a reliable network of public transport, one can easily get around by trains, long distance express buses and local buses, as well as express passenger boats.

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