Thursday, August 1, 2013

LOURDES in winter

Original text by Andreas Maryoto, executive summary by darmansjah

TGV train raced through the night in the South of France. Many of the passengers were already asleep. Slowly then the train slows down when it enters the Lourdes station before 21.00. Lonely ....

lourdes church

Passengers who number tens, one by one off the train. Still very quiet. This is indeed a rare trip, to Lourdes during winter. Yes, it is very quiet due to the millions of ordinary people make pilgrimages to this place between March and October every year, not the beginning of February. Ordinary people make pilgrimages to Lourdes to pray and visit the cave to the apparition site in St.Bernadette.

The story of the sightings pad in 1858 it has been recognized for by the church authorities. Bernadette said, Mary appeared to him several times. Post-recognition of the church, at least 5 million Catholic people every year come to places that can be reached by train for about six hours from Paris.

A trip to Lourdes in February was an unusual trip. In addition to quiet, the air temperature was very cold, sometimes up to minus 5 degrees Celsius. However, with good preparation, we can reap the many benefits of visiting the place in the winter becomes a necessary condition that must be taken prior to that place. Underwear, jackets, gloves, boots, and cold-resistant headgear should be taken. Well, if that's enough preparation, we started ordering trains, hotels, etc.


Advantage if we take a trip in the winter, we will get a train ticket prices are very cheap. Fast train tickets can be obtained at the price of 90 euro a solid season certainly above 100 euros. Hotel too. Economical hotel prices are usually above 50 euros, we could get only 29 euro. For the second booking can be done through the internet.

Although lower-priced, the service remains excellent, as the hotel's price of 29 euro. In the winter, hotels are mostly economical hotel was closed at 18:00 to 20:00. for that, we must push the intercom that the officers opened the hotel door. Here we have to be careful because most hotels are not willing to open the door at the top at 22.00. anyway if you are willing, they will ask for the cost of 15 euro to open the door! This number is confirmed when we booked the hotel through the internet. So what? We can not help it if we're late for any reason.

For that, we must be on time! Well, if you've arrived at the hotel, the clerk shall immediately serve us and explained everything about Lourdes. Well, when we did not ask for an explanation, but he immediately talked about Lourdes. Map of Lourdes was immediately given to us without our asking. Not only that, the electronic key code was immediately given to us free to enter any hour hotel. It is up to in and out of any hour.

St. Bernadettw parents house in Lourdes

Lonely but safe

We could easily right down the street to visit the small town of Maria Cave or called Il Groto any hour. Is it safe? Do not worry! Very safe. Although quiet, there are still people who are also making a pilgrimage that seemed to have a friend, in addition to the famous Lourdes is safe.

When lonely in the winter due early February there were only a few people on pilgrimage. At night, sometimes even just one person praying in front of the cave. This situation is further upside as pilgrims crowded month. They should be lining up to pray and also jostling to reach Il Groto.

However, there are also disadvantages pilgrimage to Lourdes during winter. Some places in Lourdes, such as museums, cap. Restaurants and places souvenir also open late. Sometimes just opened at 11.00 on top or even not open at all. For that, we must prepare food and drinks during the trip so as not to starve.

cave known apparition site il goroto in lourdes at night

Hotels sometimes offered breakfast at a price of 7 euro. If it is interested, immediately pay for orders breakfast because the hotel would not serve to guests when the clock after the service. They will actually refuse guests who come for breakfast outside the hours of service. Should offer breakfast in the hotel is very rarely taken because hotels and restaurants are open in the morning. This step needs to be taken so that we do not starve in the winter!

Pilgrimage to Lourdes in the winter remain attractive, intense, and importantly cheaper origin with good preparation.

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