Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exotic and Historic Travel in Turkey

EUROPEAN like to create stunning eyes to the world. Not only synonymous with modernization, Europe also has many beautiful tourist sites. There are some countries in Europe are interesting to visit. One is Turkey.

Country located partly on the European Continent region and partly on the continent of Asia is the perfect destination to State. Ranging from beaches, beautiful islands, historic and religious buildings, to the various relics of high historical value contained in the majority of the Turkish nation adherents of Islam. In other words, every region in Turkey has its own uniqueness.

Aphrodisias, for example, one of the old city in Turkey and is Helensis era relic known as the Holy City. The reason, the city has a shrine to the goddess Aphrodite offerings or Goddess Beauty.

In Aphrodisias are building the gladiators fought. Local men clashing maintaining dignity and demonstrate the strongest to the goddess. The fight was witnessed by about 30,000 spectators will stop if a gladiator pathetic lay dead at the hands of the opponent.

Other exotic city is Herapolis which is a sacred relic of the Roman city of the second century BC. Stand firm in the city built a Roman temple. In addition, visitors can see dozens of sarcophagi and necropolis, a coffin made of stone. Herapolis known theater and the building also has a philosophical school.

Area that is not less interesting is the province of Denizli in Turkey which means sea. The province is known as the largest producer of cotton textile mill that was established. In this place there is a hill called Pamukale. The hills are white as cotton which is the origin of the word Pamukale. Favorite tourist attraction in Pamukale is a hot water bath. The water contains calcium and minerals that are believed to cure rheumatism so high.

Visiting Turkey, not complete without stopping in Antalia Province. This region is rich with beautiful beaches and exotic. Even in this province there is a waterfall leading directly to the sea. Beautiful scenery around the falls can make you momentarily forget the fatigue life is!

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